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petit pot

I’ll start off by saying I am not a huge dessert fan.  I do love chocolate and cute packaging so that’s what drew me to Petit Pot. Their packaging is so adorable that I had to try it and I am glad that I did! Petit Pot is a line of French desserts that taste like they belong in a fine dining restaurant but you can find them at your local grocery store.  The line of desserts consists of a variety of Pot De Crème, Riz Au Lait and Cookies.  I will tell you these are my new favorite desserts and remind me of being in Paris.  Petit Pot has turned me into a dessert lover, I was sad when I finished all of the flavors. They are all amazing.  I loved how they taste so creamy without being overly sweet. Also, every single one that I tried was good.  I don’t usually like an entire line of products especially in food, but every flavor was amazing and it was hard to choose a favorite.

 french rice pudding

I tried several of their products, all the flavors of the Pot De Crèmes and the Riz Au Lait. The rice pudding was incredible, I usually don’t like rice pudding so I left it towards the end to try.  It tastes so good, you need to try it!  It’s made with Organic milk, cream and sugar and has a hint of Madagascar Vanilla.  You won’t just want to eat one, I almost indulged into eating both but I shared.  It’s rich and creamy but it isn’t heavy, I always find that rice puddings can be too heavy and this one is perfect.

petit pot

The Pot De Crème in Dark Chocolate is to die for.  I know I wasn’t going to pick a favorite but I am and this is it.  If I had a lifetime supply of these I would be so happy. I spent a lot of time in France as a child and even now.  I use to always buy these in the markets, and I will tell you Petit Pot is my favorite one I have ever tried.  The dark chocolate flavor is perfect because it makes the dessert not so sweet.  It doesn’t taste bitter like some dark chocolates can be, it is creamy and once you start eating it you will not want it to finish.  It’s made with organic milk, cream and 70% cocoa.  If you don’t want to eat this straight out of the jar you can pair it with your favorite fruit.  Go out and try this today and you can thank me later.

petit pot review

The Vanilla Pot De Crème is also amazing, it is made with Madagascar Vanilla. If you are not familiar with Madagascar Vanilla it has a richer, deeper note than French Vanilla.  It really brings out the flavor in the Pot De Crème.  I am usually not a huge vanilla fan but I have changed my mind after eating this.  This is a really creamy dessert and also it isn’t too sweet.  You can eat it alone or crumble some cookies on it.  It’s really amazing.

petit pot

If you love Salted Carmel this one is for you.  The flavors in this compliment each other so well.  It has hints of burnt sugar, sea salt and caramel.  It is also made with organic milk, cream and sugar.  The sea salt is very light in the flavor making the caramel not as sweet.  I really liked it and I loved how light it tasted for a dessert.  It was the perfect way to end a meal. You can eat this alone, pair it with fruit or some vanilla cookies.

petit pot

I am a huge lemon flavored fan.  This Lemon Curd one did not disappoint.  It tastes light and refreshing.  It has a good balance of lemon and cream flavors.  It’s made with organic butter, sugar and lemons.  It reminds me of a lemon meringue pie but it is even better because it doesn’t taste sugary.  You need to take this along on your summer picnics and bbq’s.

petit pot

I’ll be honest I love coffee but I usually hate coffee flavored candies and desserts.  I am obsessed with the Coffee Pot De Crème, it doesn’t lose the integrity of the coffee flavor.  It is made with a medium roasted Colombian bean.  It has the rich and bold flavor of coffee but still has the texture and creaminess of dessert.  It is so good, even if you are a tea lover you will enjoy this.

You need to try all of these, I am craving the Dark Chocolate one now.  I want to try their cookies next! You can find a store that has them near you here, Petit Pot.

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