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lo bosworth

Recently I tried a couple of products from Love Wellness a new line of feminine care from Lo Bosworth.  These products are all designed for your vaginal health.  There are wipes, cleaners, vitamins and more.  Whether you have stayed in your gym clothes too long or are prone to yeast infections there is a product to help you have a happy and healthy vagina.  I tried two products from Love and Wellness, the Blue Tea and Good Girl Probiotics.

lo bosworth

I really love this Blue Tea, it’s not really like tea if you are thinking you’ll taste like an ice tea flavor.  It is blue green algae powder that you mix in water.  The suggested use is to make mix it into your favorite water and put it in the fridge overnight and then drink it the next morning. I did do it that way but when I did forget to pre make it the night before I just mixed it in water and drank.  Shake it really well or else it will be lumpy.  You could also add this into your favorite shake or smoothie for an extra boost.  It contains 65 vitamins, minerals and enzymes.  It is full of anti-oxidants that promote skin health and will protect your skin from environmental factors.  You’re probably wondering how this makes your vagina healthy, if you have overall good health you will be healthy down there.  Blue algae is filled with so many amino acids, minerals and anti-oxidants that will keep you happy and healthy.  It’s also a great source of a natural energy boost so it’s great to drink before the gym.

good girls probiotics

The second product I tried is the Good Girl Probiotics.  A healthy digestive system is really important for vaginal health, if you don’t have a healthy digestive tract then it can lead to yeast infections and other discomforts.  These probiotics are designed to help your vagina have a healthy pH so that your body will not get infections.  A healthy gut actually helps with feminine health.  With these probiotics you can help your body with overall health.  Also, with a healthy gut you will have healthier skin, so if you want a glowing complexion for summer make sure you start from the inside out.


You can find the Blue Tea and Good Girl Probiotics here, Love Wellness.