How To Get Full Lips

What we all want are fuller lips but not all of us want to go through the pain of fillers to get that cute pout.  Here are three steps to get full lips without injections.

beauty kitchen junkie

Get a good lip mask.  Hydrating your lips makes a huge difference on how your lips look.  I have been using Beauty Kitchen Junkie’s Juicy Watermelon Aloe Lip Mask.  It is super hydrating, and heals the most chapped lips.  You will be so happy that you tried this. It smells so good and you can apply it on the go or sleep with it overnight and wake up with a prettier pout.  Get it here, Beauty Kitchen Junkie.

juva lip

JuvaLips is the greatest thing to own.  If you hate lip plumpers because they sting your lips and the effect doesn’t last a long time you need to try this.  It is so easy to use, you can travel with it and it takes 1-2 minutes to achieve a full lip that lasts for hours, it depends on your body but it can last up to 10 hours.  If you start seeing your lip look smaller you can redo it quickly.  It is painless and when you start using it you can don’t have to do both lips you and choose to do your upper or lower lip only.  It has a removable mouth piece so you can keep it clean, and has disposable felt liners that make it gentle on your lips.  You notice a difference right away when you use JuvaLips.  I am obsessed with it and can’t stop using it.  It’s my new favorite device that I have tried. You need this now, JuvaLips.

pur cosmetics chrome glaze

Get a good lip gloss. As much as I am in love with matte lipsticks lip glosses just make your lips look larger.  It has to do with the how it reflects the light.  I love this nude pink from PÜR Cosmetics, it’s called Smarty Pants.  In the photo it looks really dark and not nude or pink.  The color is really pretty and will look good on so many skin tones.  It’s hydrating and doesn’t feel sticky.  I applied it after using my JuvaLips and my lips looked amazing.  You can find Smarty Pants here, PÜR Cosmetics.

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