Easy Summer Drinks with Coco 21 Vodka and Core Organic

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You have found your new summer cocktail. It’s so easy to make and low in calories that you will want to drink this all year long.  Even in the coldest of winters it will bring summer into your home.  I tried the Original flavor from Coco 21 a coconut water vodka.  I mixed it with Core’s water in Coconut Colada.  It may seem like coconut overkill but it wasn’t.  I do wish Core had a pineapple flavor and that would have been amazing with Coco 21.

Coco 21 Vodka is a low-calorie vodka only 85 calories a serving and is made from coconut water.  I guess that means you don’t lose as many electrolytes when drinking so you won’t really get a hangover.  You could really drink this as is, it tastes really good, especially if you are a coconut water lover.  It also comes in 3 other flavors, Pineapple, Cocorita (their take on a margarita which I also want to try) and Guava that I am dying to try because I love guavas!  I can think of so many fun drinks to make with these!

Core Coconut Colada is only 5 calories and is a great mixer or to drink alone. It also has less than 1g of sugar, it’s organic and is full of antioxidants.  This water is infused with fruit so that is where it gets all its flavor.

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So the recipe is easy all you do is put in 4 ounces of Coco 21 vodka because it has 10% alcohol init and mix it in a half of a glass of iced Core Coconut Colada.   You can put less alcohol in it if you like but it doesn’t have that much it’s just up to you.  You can add a piece of pineapple for garnish, or dried mango would be good. Another fun idea is to turn these into boozy popsicles.  I tried it and loved it so just do the same as above (you can add more alcohol to your taste) and freeze them at home.  Also, add shredded coconut in them before freezing.  You will love this!

You can find Coco 21 Vodka here, Coco 21 and Core Organic here, Core Water.