Talk Beauty with Lana Ashleigh

Lana Ashleigh

Lana Ashleigh is an actress born and raised in Los Angeles and she is a professional wrestler.  She has appeared on billboards, magazines, catalogs and been in many tv shows, right now she is in Cameron Crowe’s newest show called Roadies airing on Showtime.  She has also appeared in movies such as the first Iron Man, commercials and music videos. Lana has also been in numerous wrestling shows such as Wrestlicious, Wow and WWE. She is best known for her work as the villain Lana Star on WOW women of wrestling where she was the longest reigning WOW World Champion.

Dior Air Flash Spray Foundation in Medium Beige 300 –

For years, every time I would run out of foundation I would try a new brand  hoping to find “the one” I finally found the one with Dior air flash and haven’t looked back. I’m always in a hurry so spraying it on and then a few quick dabs with a beauty blender and my skin looks flawless and it dries quickly so you can start applying your other makeup asap. This foundation covers pretty much everything! While still feeling very light weight. It lasts the whole day and night, with no need for touch ups. Another thing I really love is how it looks in photos. I buy 2 at a time because I get worried when it starts getting low that I may run out and be without. This is how much I love this foundation. LOL

Flat Irons

I have naturally curly, frizzy, fine hair when I tell people this they normally don’t believe me and that is because of flat irons! I
currently own a few different brands (Once again in case of emergency and one breaks).  The one I’m using right now is by barbar and it works wonderfully the plates fit together smoothly so there is no unnecessary extra pulling of your hair and since I have fine processed hair I love how the heat setting stops at a safe level for all hair types without losing any of it’s smoothing power. I hope to try the Barbar line of hair dryers and curling irons in the future as well.

Ardelle Lashes 120 Demi black or Demi Wispies black

Ok since my foundation and hair tools are a little bit on the pricier side I wanted to share my low cost fave, Ardelle lashes. They can be bought in any drugstore, save the case and use them over and over. The 2 styles I aways use 120 demi black and demi wispies black I feel blend with my own lashes best and they really open my eyes. I don’t have the biggest eyes so these help the appearance of a more open space I love them and they’re a fraction of the cost of most other brands.

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