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This Brooklyn-born MatchaBar has brought their specialty matcha drinks to LA.  Walking into MatchaBar you would think this was originally from LA, it is definitely at home here. Founded by two brothers, Max and Graham Fortagang who fell in love with matcha and made their dream a reality.  MatchaBar is bright with a warm welcoming feeling.  This will be your new favorite spot. Not only do they have amazing specialty drinks they also have matcha pastries that they have created with Gjusta and Amara Kitchen.  They have the best pastries and they also have a small menu that consists of egg pots, toasts, salads and granola’s.

matcha bar los angeles

I tried two drinks at MatchaBar which are musts!  I had both iced and next time I will try a hot drink.  The first one I tried was the Golden Latte which has turmeric, ginger and black pepper in it.  I know that mix sounds unusual but it tastes amazing.  You would never think that a drink should have black pepper in but it works.  It’s unique, flavorful and they have a variety of nut milks that you can choose from so you can really customize your drink making it your own.  I chose the house made cashew + almond milk in my Golden Latte.  I love having nut milk with matcha because it doesn’t make the drink feel so heavy and you can really taste the matcha.  The quality of matcha that they use is the best, they use ceremonial grade matcha, you can really taste the matcha flavor and get all the benefits that matcha has to offer with that quality matcha.  It is the best that I have had at any tea/coffee shop.  The second drink that I tried was the Maple Latte which has cinnamon, maple syrup and Himalayan salt, I had that with almond milk.  I loved how light this was and how it wasn’t overly sweet.  You would think with the maple in it, it would be too sweet, it was perfect.  The next two drinks I want to try next time I go in are the Harmless Matcha and The Holy Grail.  Their signature matcha mochi pastry is a must, you won’t be able to eat just one so you might as well get several.  They are addictive.

If you aren’t familiar with matcha it’s a powder of the highest quality green tea.  The tea is grown in the shade and the young leaves are individually hand-picked to ensure the quality.  What I love about MatchaBar’s matcha is that they get their matcha from an independent family farm in Nishio, Japan.  Matcha is naturally packed with anti-oxidants, nutrients, and amino acids.  If you are a coffee addict like me, I tend to crash mid afternoon and if I drink too much coffee I get anxiety.  That never happens with matcha it has a more steady feeling, you won’t get a caffeine crash and it has more of a clean energy that will keep you going throughout the day. Matcha is served in a variety of ways at MatchaBar hot and cold lattes, but also in sparkling iced drinks, fruit juice combos, and they will have a more seasonal menu coming up.

I’m obsessed with MatchaBar, you will be to.  As soon as I walked out of it I wanted to turn around and get another.  You are going to be craving them.  It’s time to kick coffee to the curb and replace it with a better type of caffeine, matcha.


Check them out, MatchaBarNYC and on Instagram @MatchaBar.

MatchaBar is located at 3534 Sunset Blvd in Silver Lake




Photos courtesy of MatchaBar