The Local with Bridget Marquardt

Bridget Marquardt

When you think of California girls you think of blonde hair, tan skin and someone who is fun and sweet.  That describes Bridget Marquardt exactly.  If you miss seeing Bridget on The Girls Next Door and Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches don’t worry  you can now binge watch her YouTube channel where she shares traveling tips, recipes, tutorials on hair and makeup, and so much more.  You will love all her videos they are super cute and she posts a new one every week.  Bridget who grew up in Northern California now calls LA home and today she shares some of her favorite places in the city.

Name: Bridget Marquardt

City: Los Angeles

Years lived here: 16

Favorite place for brunch: I don’t usually go to brunch, I rarely eat breakfast.  When we are in the mood for breakfast, Nick loves my homemade pancakes cooked in coconut oil with a side of bacon, so we usually just do that from home. I hear Blu Jam is delicious…one of these days I will give that a try.

Favorite place to shop: I love the Topanga Mall in Woodland Hills, I also love window shopping on Melrose. Even though LA has some of the best shopping, I usually find myself buying most of my stuff online. For non-clothing items and just for fun I love Dark Delicacies and HalloweenTown in Burbank.

Favorite place for coffee, tea or juice: I usually just have one cup of coffee in the morning and I usually do it at home.  If I’m on the go I will usually opt for Starbucks, not because I think they are the best but because I know what I like and it’s consistent.  I did have an Alfred’s cone not to long ago and was very impressed but I don’t think I would make it a habit.

Secret place: For shopping Dark Delicacies or Pin up girl clothing. For eating Ernie’s or Lidos. For outdoors, hiking to the waterfall in Bell Canyon, it’s where Nick and I got engaged.

Favorite cheap eats: I love Zankou Chicken, California Pita, and Ernies.

Favorite place for a drink: I don’t really go out for just a drink, unless it’s with dinner. I do love having a margarita at Ernies.

Favorite outdoor place: For eating: The Villa in Woodland Hills. In general: The waterfall in Bell Canyon. And, Of course the Beach.

If there was one place a tourist had to see where would you recommend? There is so much to see and do here…I would say the Beach would be number one, especially if they haven’t already seen it…it just screams Southern California.  If they have already been there I would say Hollywood Blvd. even though it is ridiculously touristy it sill embodies all that made LA so famous…Take in the history as you walk along Hollywood Blvd, visit the Hollywood Museum, the Hollywood Roosevelt, the Chinese theater and search for you favorite performers star.  It may be a tourist trap but it is also the culture of the city.

Use one word to describe your city: Intoxicating

You can follow Bridget on Instagram at, @BridgetMarquardtand check out her YouTube Channel @TheRealBridget.