How To Get The Perfect Home Blowout

Blowing drying your own hair is hard.  For me it’s more of a task.  People are always complimenting me on my hair but what they don’t know it’s unruly.  It’s very long, dry, and coarse.  So it easily gets knotted (and dreads), loses body quickly and takes forever to dry.  The key to drying your own hair at home is good products, a good hair dryer and brush.  Since my hair is so long I section it off into parts.  I have contradictory information on the next part, so I have talked to different hair stylists and have asked them tips on the best way to blow dry your hair at home.  Some have told me to section it off in four and then blow dry the bottom first, one person has told me to start with the front because that what people will see.  They all have told me to rough dry it first, rough drying means to just flip your hair upside down with or right side up and dry your hair without a brush just using your hand to move your hair around.  Then when it’s almost dry you start to style it with your brush.  If you like stick straight hair you can dry your hair with a paddle brush.  If you are like me and like volume and big, full hair use a round brush.

raincry brushes

I tried a Large Round Magnesium Volumizing Brush from Raincry and it’s amazing.  If you dry your hair at home even once in a while this brush will greatly help. This round brush is great for all hair types even the finest hair.  These brushes are handmade in Italy and it’s the best round brush I have ever tried.  It is made of Magnesium Alloy so it heats up faster than a ceramic brush and will down faster.  It has nylon bristles that help remove and pull through excess product.  I’m guilty of putting too much product in my hair whether it be oil, or root lifter and if you do that it will weigh down your hair and you will lose volume and your blowout will not last as long.  The handle on the brush is soft and it is easy to use. Rolling it up and unrolling is not a problem your hair will not get tangled and the brush is light so your arm doesn’t get tired.  The brush is a little wider than 2″ so it gives you nice bouncy curls at the end.  I really love this brush and now want their Plus Size Round Brush since my hair is so long.  Their round brushes come in four different sizes, the sizes are for different lengths of hair.  I also want to try their Pure Natural Bristle Brush that is for blowing drying your hair straight. This is my  new favorite brush, I will be putting my Mason Pearson brush in the drawer and my Raincry is my new go to brush. You need to get one here, Raincry.


rene furterer sublime curl


I love every product that I try from Rene Furterer.  They have the best hair care products that I have tried.  I don’t have curly hair but I do have wavy hair that frizzes out and gets super puffy if I don’t either blow dry it or tie it up in a bun. Sublime Curl Collection is great for curly or wavy hair, it will help keep your curls defined and control your frizz.  It contains Evening Primrose Oil and Acanthus Extract that helps control unmanageable hair.  The shampoo really cleans your hair but leaves it feeling soft, and when you follow it with the conditioner your hair will be frizz free. I loved how soft and bouncy it made my hair look.  The conditioner also helps detangle making it really easy to style and blow dry.  The Sublime Curl, Curl Nutri-Activating Cream you apply when your hair is toweled dried.  I started out by putting a little in my hair by sections.  It helps keep the bounce in your hair and protects your hair from humidity and frizz.  I love this collection and really helps your hair have volume and my blow out lasted longer than usual.  I didn’t lose body and my hair was shiny.  You need this collection even if your hair gets a little frizzy.  It will tame all those fly aways. Find it here, Rene Furterer.




Image of model via Vogue