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The month of May is national Mental Health month, Philosophy’s Hope & Grace Initiative supports women’s mental health.  This year their national campaign is “how are you, really?”.  We often ask people “How are you?” and it’s become a greeting instead of really asking someone how they are.  What Philosophy hopes to inspire with their campaign is starting a conversation.  Making people more aware of that mental health is a problem that people don’t talk about that often.  Unfortunately, the statistics are high when it comes to people who suffer from metal illness, in the U.S. it is about 43.8 million people a year.  If you think that doesn’t sound high, 91% of the U.S. agree that a family member has suffered from depression.  If you need more facts, 1 in 5 adults experience mental illness a year, 1 in 8 women develop clinical depression in her lifetime.  Women suffer from different types of mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, eating disorders, hormonal just to name a few. Depression is something everyone has felt at one time or another so we can all relate to it because we all have felt it at some point.  Why not help, talk or listen to someone who is dealing with it by asking the question, “How are you, really?”.  Sometimes all someone needs is to say what they are feeling out loud to feel better.

hope & grace

Philosophy had partnered up with NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Illness) to spread awareness and break the stigma on women’s mental health.  They have also partnered with Project 1 in 4 to release an exclusive limited edition product and all net proceeds will be donated to the hope & grace fund. With this project they are hoping to erase the stigma of mental health and really start a conversation, and to promote wellness.


This year, at Philosophy’s Hope & Grace Initiative luncheon hosted by Zelda Williams focused on the campaign’s message “How are you, really?” to open up a honest and supportive conversation to bring light and reduce stigma that still surrounds mental illness today. Many of Hollywood’s elite came by to support Zelda and philosophy’s hope and grace initiative like Rumer Willis, Katrina Bowden and Morgan Stewart, to name a few

You can find this limited edition product here, Philosophy.