Vō Blow Beverly Hills

Vo Blow


I am always looking for new hair salons in Beverly Hills and now I have found a great one! I love Kim Vō’s  new concept salon, Vō Blow, it focuses on quick treatments at the Montage Beverly Hills but keeping the quality and experience luxurious. There are not any salons that I have been to that have treatments and blowouts that are quick but also make you feel like you are getting a full salon experience. Vō Blow is going to be your new favorite place to get your hair done quickly and beautifully.

vo blow salon

Kim Vō is a master colorist to Hollywood elite and television beauty expert, and came up with this concept after noticing it was missing from the industry.  There are a lot of different blow bars but sometimes you need something more than just a blow out.  Vō Blow is that.  You can get your root touch up during a lunch break without having to spend the day at the salon. Vō Blow’s core services include blow-outs, moisturizing treatments and 10-minute color – all under $50, they have so many other services too.  This is great for both men and women.

Each signature Kim Vō Salon features the industry’s top colorists and stylists, they all have innovative design, and provides a truly wonderful experience.  You get individualized experience and won’t be flipping through a book getting the same blowout as the girl sitting next to you.  You will get a full salon experience without having to spend a lot of time or money.  You need to go here!

In addition to Vō Blow, Vō has three locations of his namesake salons; The Montage Laguna Beach, The Montage Deer Valley and, of course, The Montage Beverly Hills.


Vō Blow is located at 224. N Beverly Drive, or visit, Vō Blow.

Images courtesy of Vō Blow