Soupure is a soup cleanse and it’s a great thing to try, especially if you want to kick start a healthier lifestyle.  If you are like me and just cleanse once in a while this is a great one and it’s great for first timers.  I wanted to do a cleanse because this winter I didn’t do as much as exercise as I usually do and have started to feel sluggish.  With summer around the corner I wanted to get motivated for a bikini body.   I do eat clean most of the time I really slipped this winter, I have been in a slight slump with my diet and my body hasn’t been feeling its usual self.  I had to kick-start my body and metabolism to get going again and get back to clean and healthy eating with summer approaching.  What I love about Soupure is that each soup is organic, hand crafted and taste amazing.

soup cleanse

I’ll be honest, I haven’t done a cleanse that I have ever stuck it through to the end.  Juice cleanses are hard for me because I am usually hungry so when I heard there was a soup cleanse I had to try it.  I love soup and can have it every day so this was the perfect match for me. The cleanse I did was three days.  I easily could’ve done five days and definitely want to try it to try some of the soups that are different in that one.

The three day cleanse is a great cleanse to do for those who are hardcore cleansers to beginners.  I felt very energized, I had clean energy  and my body felt like it was healing through the soups.  The cleanse will help with digestion and they are low in sodium so you never feel bloated.  Having the soups every day,  I noticed my skin started to glow and I looked healthier.  My body felt so much better and it motivated me to keep eating clean.  During the winter months there are so many holiday parties and events that it is really easy to slip from a healthy diet so these are the perfect reboot for your body.  The soups are also all dairy free which I love!  The cleanse I did came with two types of Alkalined Water, both flavors are amazing one is Pear Yuzu and the other is Pineapple Basil.  It also came with two types of bone broth 2 chicken and one beef.  If you are Vegetarian/Vegan you there are substitutions. The rest of the soups are a variety of different veggie soups, it’s hard to pick a favorite because they are all amazing.  I felt like I was at a restaurant every time I enjoyed one of the soups.

The first day was really easy to do because I never felt hungry and the soups are so flavorful and filling that they are really satisfying. The soup menu is really well thought out. Each soup really balances each other and the flavors are perfect. The soups taste very fresh and never make you feel heavy. I  love eating clean like this it makes my body feel so good.  The Consommé broth is amazing reminds me of Neiman Marcus one but better.  I usually hate cold soups so when I saw that there was a cold soup I immediately felt disappointed.  But when I tasted it I drank it slowly because it was amazing and one of my favorite soups in the cleanse. It was the Strawberry Cashew soup that is cold and it tastes so fresh and light. It’s really the perfect way to start the day. Another favorite was the Lentil Soup is so flavorful and satisfying.  The other stand out soups for me are the Asparagus Leek, Kale Minestrone, Split Pea Chlorophyll and Lemongrass Consomme.  It’s a great lunch. It has the perfect balance of spices and the lentils and chickpeas really leave you feeling full without feeling heavy.  Even if I wasn’t on a cleanse I would eat these soups because they are amazing.

I want to have these soups and alkaline water in my refrigerator all the time I could eat them every day.  Whether you are trying to lose weight, want to cleanse or just want to try these soups you should.  I love Soupure, I’m sad my cleanse is over because I am craving the soups.  I will definitely do the Soupure Cleanse again.

Get them here, Soupure.