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Recently I had my energy read by Carolyn Harrington who is an energy healer and founder of Maty’s Healthy Products.  Maty’s Healthy Products is a line of all natural and organic products, which is an alternative to chemical over-the-counter medicine.  The line includes all-natural remedies that you can take.  She also has blog called The Art of Healing where she shares stories, DIY Healing, tips on healing foods and more. For my energy reading Carolyn had me send a photo of myself to her and after she received it, she read the energy off of my photo and we then had a phone call where she gave me my health evaluation.

So if you are a skeptic like I was then you might think how can someone get an idea of your health issues from just looking at a photo.  She surprised me, she told me some things that rang true and really resonated with me.  For example she mentioned that when I eat beef it affects my body in a negative way, this is very true and I even knew that as a child where I gave up red meat completely at the age of 5 and just started eating it very little as an adult.  Both of my parents were not vegetarians but they let me be one, until now I rarely eat beef and she said it affects my allergies which I have to my cats.   It was really interesting and she gave me solutions to some of my issues that I could do on my own.  Not only did she tell me about some minor health things but some emotional things that were very true.  The personal things that she had told me about have been things that I have been thinking about recently and haven’t told anyone about, they are pretty specific and it was really amazing when she told me about them.  I almost felt like I was having a psychic reading.  That shows you how strong our energy is that even in my thoughts it is carried out into a photo of myself.  Negative energy can block energy in your body that can lead you to other negative stuff. Carolyn can locate energetic blocks that stop the body’s ability to heal itself.  When you clear negative energy of the mind, body and spirit, our bodies can heal themselves. Our thoughts, cells, organs, our skin, and ever hair follicles carry energy.  When Carolyn gives advice it is not medical advice she is a certified holistic health practitioner but not a doctor. I loved my energy evaluation and really found it to be amazing.

Today Carolyn shares some tips with us on how to clear out negative energy and how it affects us:

What is Energy Reading?  Everything in our universe is made of energy.  Even human beings are made up of energy.  If energy was allowed to flow through our bodies without any hindrances, we would be in perfect health.  But if something disrupts our energy, it is not good for our health.  Things like chemical toxins, food sensitivities, negative thinking all disrupt our energy. I can find those things that disrupt a person’s energy so a person can remove the resistance to their energy and improve their health.

How does negative energy effect our bodies? There is no such thing as negative energy.  Energy is just various frequencies and vibrations.  However, some frequencies promote health, other frequencies hinder good health. However, there are “negative” things that create frequencies that hinder our health.  A good example is sugar.  It will almost always hinder good health.

What are some tips to clear out negative energy?  There are many ways to clear our negative energy:  Eat right for your individual constitution, remove negative thinking, exercising, and the list goes on and on. Each of those in their unique way affect our energy.

What are some tips to quiet our minds?  My favorite is to sit in a quiet room and stare at a blank wall.  Let your mind just bring thoughts into it and then let those thoughts go.  To let them go means to try to think of nothing again.  When a thought comes back into your mind, then try to think of nothing again.  Eventually, the thoughts will slow in coming and eventually stop all together.  That is when the mind truly has a moment to rest and so much good can happen.

How can I be more mindful throughout my day?  By just taking the time to quiet your mind, maybe by taking a walk, using the example above about staring at a blank wall, listening to soothing music. There are so many ways to be mindful.

Is it better do an energy reading in person? Not necessarily.  If the person is experienced enough, they can do it without the person being present. There really is no difference in outcome. Our energy is all connected in the universe, an energy reader just needs to be able to tap into that universal energy.

You can learn more about Maty’s Healthy Products and Carolyn here, Maty’s Healthy Products.