Adore Golden Touch Magnetic Facial Mask

adore gold mask

This by far is the coolest face mask that I have ever used.  Not only is it 24-karat gold but it is magnetic.  I am obsessed with Adore’s Golden Touch Magnetic Facial Mask it’s my new favorite beauty product.  I really had no idea what to expect when I was applying the mask.  When you apply the mask to your face it has a greenish gold tint. I felt like a goddess when it was on. It has thicker consistency than I had expected but goes on smoothly and feels good on.  You leave it on for seven minutes and then remove it with a gold wand that comes with the mask.  You wrap the gold wand with a tissue and then wave it across your face and the magnetic powder that’s in the mask gets removed leaving you with gold on your face.  Then you rub in the gold into your skin, leaving you glowing.

Definitely use the tissue around the wand.  I wanted to see what would happen if I didn’t use the tissue and it just makes it very hard to remove the magnetic powder from the wand.  If you use the tissue you can just slide the tissue off of the wand.  Removing the magnetic powder from my face was the best, I probably had 5 minutes worth of Snapchat videos while doing it.  You can feel it come off and it’s so fun. I love it. This is an anti-aging mask with magnetic healing. Pure gold is anti-oxidant and has anti-inflammtory properties so it helps with anti-aging.  Gold will also help your skin renew itself and brighten your complexion.  If you have redness it will help even out your skin tone.  The gold in the mask will also help restore elasticity, the magnetic powder will help cell regeneration.   Using this mask over time can also help hyper-pigmentation. Giving you a more youthful and brighter appearance.  After using the mask I noticed my skin looked more radiant, felt softer and hydrated. I also had a golden glow.  I’m obsessed, you will be too.  If you want luminous looking skin, try this mask.



Get it here, Adore Cosmetics.