Are You Showering Correctly?


Showering seems like a no brainer but are you doing it correctly?  Depending if you have you are going to have a short shower or have along shower where you can scrub, deep condition and put on a mask I’m going to tell you the best way to shower and use your products. These are some steps to make sure you are doing it correctly.  I am adding in some extras, that you can do once a week like a face mask and full body scrub.

mason pearson brush

If it’s a hair washing day Brush Your Hair before you get into the shower. It will make such a difference before you shampoo and condition your hair.  I use a Mason Pearson Brush, I used the mixed bristle brush it is mixed with nylon and boar bristle.  It takes out all my knots and my hair knots easily and dreads easily. Find it here, Mason Pearson.

Check your water Temp!

Make sure your water isn’t super hot, I definitely take really hot showers but it dries out your skin, leaving you with flakey, itchy skin.  Your water temperature should be warm that will keep the moisture in your skin.

Wash Your Hair First 

MOP mixed greens shampoo

Washing your hair first is key.  There are a couple of reasons why you should was your hair first. All the dirt that’s in your hair will wash down your body so you can wash it off. Also, you can have your conditioner in your hair longer while you take a shower. I have been using MOP Mixed Greens Moisture Shampoo what I love about it, is it’s very moisturizing and tames my frizz.  It has olive oil in it and vegetable derived cleansing agents.  It leaves my hair super soft. You can find it here, MOP Products.

Apply Conditioner or Hair Mask

mop mixed greens conditioner

After you shampoo and rinse apply your conditioner or hair mask so that it can really conditioner your hair.  The steam of the shower will open hair follicles. For conditioner I am using MOP Mixed Greens Conditioner.  I like using sets when I use shampoo sometimes I mix it up but usually I use the partner.  I like this conditioner because it’s natural and helps detangle my long hair.  It also leaves my hair so soft.  Buy it here, MOP Products.

leonor greyl

For a deep conditioner I love Leonor Greyl Masque Fleurs de Jasmin. It greats for all hair types, thin to dry hair.  It has Acacia collagen in it that helps repair hair. You’ll definitely have a great hair day after using this.  Get it here, Leonor Greyl.

Wash your face

christie brinkley face wash

dew puff charcoal

After you have applied your hair conditioner or hair mask.  Tie it up in a bun and then wash your face.  I am using Christie Brinkley’s Complete Clarity and I use it with a Dew Puff face sponge.  The one I am using is Bamboo Charcoal. I love Christie Brinkley’s face wash because it is gentle and you can use this as an everyday face wash.  It even removes makeup.  The Dew Puff is amazing it cleans and exfoliates your skin without striping it.  You can find the face wash here, Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare. The puff to wash your face can be found here, Dew Puff.

Apply a face mask.  Your pores will be open with the steam of the shower so it’s perfect to apply a mask.


You can pick whatever face mask you think you are in the mood for or you can multi mask, which just means if your cheeks are dry you can do the moisture mask and if you want to purify your nose you can apply the C.O. Bigelow mask to your t zone.

matcha face mask

The three that I have been using on the regular are, Hydroxatone Hydrologic Active Infusion Moisture Mask, Pangea Organics Japanese Matcha Tea with Acai & Goji Berry and C.O. Bigelow Purifying Cleansing Mask.

co bigelow mask cleansing mask

Find them here, Hydroxatone, Pangea Organics C.O. Bigelow Purifying Cleaning Mask.

Next move on to your body while your face mask and conditioner do their jobs.  Since summer is here I like using a was that will control oil, since I do a lot of hiking and workout classes I don’t want any blemishes on my back.

vi derm body wash

I’m obsessed with Vi Derm because it is an exfoliating body wash.  It has glycolic in it so it will help brighten your skin tone which is great for summer to get a summer glow and also help control oil.


Then if you want to do a full body scrub to slough away all your dry skin and have baby soft skin.   I love Kopari Coconut Crush Scrub.  You apply this before you get wet though I have used it both ways and it still works well.  Get it here, Kopari.

Then rinse out your hair conditioner

Pat dry

After your shower

Apply moisturizer

drunk elephant lala retro whipped cream

For face I use Drunk Elephant Whipped Cream it’s so soft and light.  Even though it’s light it’s very hydrating.  You will love it.  For my body I am using SkinDew in Merciless.  I love the way it smells and it is full of hydrating oils like argan oil, avocado oil, meadowfoam seed oil, and rice bran oil. It leaves your skin feeling so soft, the smell is so intoxicating and lovely.

skindew merciless

Get the face cream here, Drunk Elephant.

You can find Merciless here, SkinDew.