The Local: BJ Panda Bear

bj panda bear
BJ Panda Bear is a Los Angeles tastemaker.  He’s a darling in the fashion world, a writer, producer, DJ, and mixed media artist. Bj was born and raised in LA and Born to a cult Bruceploitation actor father his mother a real estate developer in the city. He grew up in Beverly Hills and took the LA nightlife by storm. You can see Bj around town and is often regarded as one of the more outlandish figures to run around the LA night scene, he has carved out a niche pushing innovation within the creator space of both the worlds of the highbrow and lowend.  If you ever stop by The Friend Bar, order the drink The Muse which is named after Bj.
Name: BJ Panda Bear
City: Los Angeles
Years lived here: LA born and raised
Favorite place for brunch: Salazar after a rough night. Millie’s for an all-American moment. Din Tai Fung for brunch is lovely, I grab my number and then run to Porto’s for a coffee and croquette. I also love brunch at Winsome, it’s not the best food wise but the service is great and I love people watching.
Favorite place to shop: My fave shop in LA is Replika Vintage, they have the most amazing range of vintage anti-fashion labels. I’m a whore for 80’s Comme des Garcons and Gaultier. I wear a lot of local brands. I love Shaun Samson, Rowan, Experts Disagree and so many other labels.
Favorite place for coffee, tea or juice: I’m easy with coffee I like the Verve chains and Go Get em, Tiger. I love the kombucha at the Alfred tea and coffee house or at the Spring in Downtown.
Secret place: My bed, it’s no secret, but more of a private club… but a secret spot you can go to would be the little peninsula at the top of sunset plaza in the bird streets
Favorite cheap eats: I really don’t subscribe to the idea of cheap eats, just good eats, but affordable good eats would include Tacos Tu Madre, Taco Zone veggie burritos, Kazu Nori, Indian Food and Groceries on Fairfax.
Favorite place for a drink: Bar Stella always has some great classic cocktails. Walker Inn for some more conceptual thoughts. I love The Friend Bar and Girl at the White Horse, it’s all about a vibe the people and a stiff Casamigos Blanco and soda
Favorite outdoor place: Escondido beach… I love being in the ocean it’s so revitalizing and enriching.
If there was one place a tourist had to see where would you recommend: The Hollywood sign hike that brings you behind the sign, it’s iconic, a great workout and a great reflecting space… if you can find it.
Use one word to describe your city: Everything
Follow him on Instagram @BjPandaBear
Photo: Karolyn Pho