Electric Sky Wine

electric wine



A lot of things are inspired by music, memories, art, love and now wine.  Electric Sky Wine was created because of music festivals.  Daniel Sena who is head of Strategic Marketing at Interscope Records noticed the lack of wine at music festivals, concerts and events.  He created Electric Sky Wine which is a wine that are single serve wines that come in packs of four.  They are easy to carry because they are stackable and won’t spill when you are trying to maneuver through a crowd.  Electric wine comes in four easy-to-sip varietals: French Rosé, Italian Pinot Grigio, California Moscato, and California Red Blend. It is launching in LA this summer.

What I love about Electric Sky Wine is that they are so convenient for at home, picnics, the beach basically anywhere you want to take wine and not have to deal with having a wine opener and bringing cups.  You just pull the lid and drink straight from the cup it comes in.  Sometimes when I’m at home I don’t want to open up a bottle of wine because I just want to drink a glass and with these I can have a single serving and save the rest.  Four of these are the same amount of wine as a bottle. These wines are all really good.  My favorites are the Rosé and the California Red Blend.  The rosé is really easy to drink, it’s soft and is perfect for summer days and the red blend is really smooth and is great if you are looking for something with more body.  If you are a white wine drinker then you will love the Pinot Grigio, it’s very crisp and refreshing and if you want something on the sweeter side try the Moscato, it has notes of peach.

Electric Sky gets their grapes from vineyards in the French Languedoc, Italian Veneto, and California wine growing regions. They are designed for an on-the-go lifestyle.  The cups they come in are shatterproof glasses so perfect for sunday’s by the pool.  It’s really cool that it is the first and only wine brand housed under a music label. I also love how vibrant the packaging is, it’s colorful and cheerful.  Go out and grab these for all your summer activities.  I know I will be bringing them with me to the Hollywood Bowl, beach and sharing them with my friends all the time.

You can see where you can buy them near you here, Electric Sky Wine.