The Local: Jason Naylor

 jason naylor
Jason Naylor is an artist, illustrator, and creative director based in Brooklyn, NY.  Jason has his own style that is fun, bright, and creative in his art, I love it.  Every time you see one of his pieces you will see something new and feel something different.  Once you are familiar with his work you will be able to spot it with many fashion and beauty brands.  He has been featured in Vogue Paris, V Magazine, Paper Magazine just to name a few.  He has caught the eye of many fashion houses such as Alexander McQueen and Rodarte collaborating on projects together.  He has worked with beauty brands like MAC Cosmetics, Maybelline, Pat McGrath, Jo Malone and many more.  Another notable project Jason has done is Rhianna’s Fenty Puma collaboration where he help create the logo, packaging design and direction for The Creeper. He’s art ranges from illustration, murals and videos. His work is eye-catching and his messages always radiates positivity and he has said, “kindness is the key to success”.   Jason is originally from Salt Lake City and discovered NY as a teen he was drawn to the color, the art, and the culture. Today he shares some of his favorite spots, secret places and shares his New York with us.
City:  Well I live in the city of NY but to be more specific, I live in Brooklyn, because the artist culture really thrives in Brooklyn, and I have a large loft space to work in and live in. It’s very convenient.
Years lived here:  15 years and counting. Never plan to leave 🙂 I lived in the East Village in Manhattan for a while when I first got to NY but then discovered Brooklyn.
Favorite place for brunch:   There’s a little metal bar/pub near me called The Anchored Inn. There are black velvet paintings on the walls and thy play metal music obviously. Upon first look you wouldn’t even know they had a kitchen, but they actually have amazing food, and outdoor seating on the sidewalk, so you can sit out in front, and you are surrounded with street art, and have eggs and shit. Its rad.
Favorite place to shop:  Well, I like to customize my clothes, like rip, paint etc.. so I like to get things at more basic places like Top Shop where I can find affordable stylish pieces and then add my own flare. I also wear a lot of jewelry, like crystals and chains, which I get on the street usually at the fleas etc. Also love a good pair of Doc Martens, so obviously have to stop into the DOC store on Bedford regularly.
Favorite place for coffee, tea or juice:  Well I don’t drink coffee or tea reallly. I mean, I love a good iced coffee but its like dessert for me. But I don’t really have a go to spot for that… but there is a great juice spot called Grass Roots Juicery near me that my fiancée loves.
Secret place:  Ok this sounds crazy, but there’s a huge warehouse grocery called Western Beef, and the parking lot overlooks an amazing view of the Manhattan skyline. If you park your car there at night after they close, you have a really beautiful quiet view of the city lights. Its spectacular and no one really knows about it.. LOL until now haha.
Favorite cheap eats:  Pizza. OBV!!! A classic NY slice of pizza never gets old. My go to Pizza in the  neighborhood sadly just closed, it was called Pie Smith, and they are moving to a new location so currently I am without a local pizza spot.
Favorite place for a drink:  One of my best friends owns a bar called Boobie Trap. It’s in Bushwick, and is by far the best spot for a drink especially in the afternoon. I actually designed the logo and artwork for the bar, and it has a lot of exciting things to see while sitting at that bar, including a poignant neon sign that jokingly says, “‘fuck off” and there’s also a stool there that I’ve painted all over with eyes and lips and faces. Go sit in my chair and get a shot of whiskey!
Favorite outdoor place:  I love being near the water. So any of the piers, sitting at a restaurant outside, feeling the ocean breeze… at dusk. That’s the jam right there!
If there was one place a tourist had to see where would you recommend?   Oh everyone should walk down St Marks place. Even though its become quite modernized, its amazing to know about all the punk history that took place there. I’d say listen to a few velvet underground songs, maybe Sex Pistols song or two, and walk St Marks place thinking about Andy Warhol and Sid and Nancy. Then buy yourself a MisFits T shit. LOL
Use one word to describe your city:  Only pictures can describe NY. There not words.
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