Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick

maybelline matte ink lipstick


If you are like me and on the search for a lipstick that you don’t have to reapply all day long, you have found it.  Maybelline’s SuperStay Matte Ink Lipstick is amazing.  It’s my new obsession. I tried seven shades from the line and I love every one of them.  They last through drinks, meals, workouts and so much more. The colors are pigmented and don’t feel dry on after applying them.  They don’t crack throughout the day and you won’t have to reapply all day long. All my friends who have gone out to coffee, lunch or dinner with me recently have asked about my lipstick and now have become loyalist to it too. Some tips for applying the Matte Ink Lipsticks, don’t apply layer after layer.  If you do they will feel a little sticky and take longer to dry.  The drying time is fast for these and they are super pigmented that you don’t have to apply a lot of layers.  I suggest applying one layer letting it dry and if you want to add more, then apply again. I love these so much and have been wearing these everyday.

nude matte lipstick

The first color I tried is called Loyalist, it’s a nude and became famous after Gigi Hadid wore it at the Met Gala.  It’s a very light nude.  I love it to tone down some other colors in the line to soften them up.  If you are mixing the colors always apply the lightest one first so that you don’t mess up your applicator with dark colors.  I think this nude is flattering but I think it might look very light on darker skin tones.  I think it would suit light to olive skin tones.


best matte lipstick

Dreamer is a pink matte lipstick.  To me it looks flat in the photo, it actually is much brighter on.  It is still a very soft color and would flatter any skin tone.  It is a great everyday color.  Especially since summer is here, it’s a great color to brighten up your face because it’s not too pink.  All of these lipsticks smell like vanilla which I love.  If you put too much on or are sensitive to matte lipsticks you can add chapstick or a lip balm on top and it will not take away the color or remove it, I have had that happen with some matte lipsticks, these will stay on and look great.


maybelline matte lipstick

Lover has been my go to lipstick.  It’s a neutral mauve color that looks great on everyone.  It is very pretty on and feminine.  It looks great day to night and looks great with a variety of different types of makeup.  Whether you wear no makeup, a neutral golden brown eye, or a smokey look, this lipstick will look great.  You can wear this color to the office or to the club and you will love it.

maybelline matte lipstick

Believer is a bright plum.  It looks so pretty on and for this would be more of a nighttime color or a winter color.  But when I mixed it with Loyalist it turned into a light pretty, pinky plum that I can wear all summer long. The color is versatile and it’s can also be worn day to night.  I loved it alone and mixed with another lipstick.  It’s fun and the price is so reasonable it is worth a try even if you don’t think you would wear a plum color. This color would look good on every skin tone.


maybelline matte lipstick

Heroine is matte coral.  I thought I would hate this color but I was surprised.  The packaging looks very orange to me and I don’t do orange lipstick.  I am more of a nude/pink/mauve lipstick girl.  I don’t even wear red so this for me was going out of my comfort zone. When I applied it, it looked bright but as it started to dry the color started looking more like a pink.  It is a great fun color for summer and has a hint of coral and dark pink in it.


maybelline matte lipstick

One of the reasons I don’t wear red is that I can never find a true red.  I hate pink reds, and orange reds, it’s really tough for me to find the perfect one.  I love red lipstick on women too, it looks so pretty and feminine.  What I love about Maybelline’s matte lipstick in Pioneer is that it’s a bright red.  Sometimes in matte colors the colors don’t look bright and can look a little flat.  This color is so pretty.  I love how bright the color is and how flattering it is on.  I feel like this would be a great first date look, and will last through a first date kiss.


Maybelline matte lipstick

Voyager is the darkest one that I tried out of the seven.  I wasn’t sure how this would look on my because I don’t usually wear colors this dark.  I have been wanting to try dark colors because I feel like they look so sexy on and when you go into super dark colors it looks very edgy.  This was a good color to start with because it is dark but so pretty.  It is almost like a brownish plum.  The color is really cool and now makes me a fan of dark lipsticks.

There are three more colors in this collection, I want to try them one is a hot pink which I think is perfect for summer, the other is a bright violet that looks super fun and the last one is super dark and edgy.  I love how long wearing they are, I fell asleep with it on and when I woke up my lips still looked perfect.  I also didn’t need a lip liner with these.  The applicator is pointed at the top which I used to line my lips then fill them in.  You will love these!

You can find them here, Maybelline.