VI Peel: Second Peel

VI Peel reviews

Summer is here and that means less makeup and summer skin.  I went in for my second VI Peel and after doing the first one I had totally different goals for my skin.  My first peel I didn’t know what to expect and when I saw my results I was excited for my second peel and had different expectations.  It did not disappoint.  The VI Peel is so amazing and if you don’t know what it is, it is a chemical peel that can help clear up acne, fade all types of dark spots, erase fine lines and wrinkles and give you the skin you were born with.  There is down time because your skin does peel quite a bit.  So you could go out with your skin peeling but I did not.  Another great thing about the VI Peel it works on all shades of skin tones, from fair skin to dark skin tones.

When I did my second peel I also decided to do my neck as well, you could do all the down to your décolletage.  I am tempted to do that for my third peel.  I am so happy I did, my neck looks so much brighter and I noticed my lines on my neck were finer.  My skin is brighter, some sun spots are completely gone. I had some acne scars because I pick at my face (I know, it’s a no-no) are totally gone.  I felt like my second peel was much easier because I knew what to expect, and I didn’t peel as much as the first one.  I did my second peel exactly four weeks after my first one and I highly recommend you do two or more peels, it makes a huge difference.

The first peel was amazing and I immediately saw results but I feel like doing more peels you will have long term results and see better results.  After seeing how great my skin looked after my first peel my skin goal is to be makeup free and I feel like I am almost there.  All my friends and family noticed my how great my skin looks and I am constantly getting compliments on my complexion. I am obsessed with the VI Peels!  I have seen such good results with my peels that peel number three, I think I can stop using foundation, concealer, and just use a little bronzer when needed, blush and I’ll be good to go. I have also been thinking about getting fillers in my laugh lines and after doing two peels, my skin looks more toned and firm.  So I will wait on doing fillers.

Vi Peel skin care

Like the first peel I did get a little itchy but they have an anti-itch cream that helps significantly.  I am obsessed with VI Aesthetics skin care line.  It is amazing and it’s all I’ve been using.  They are amazing for all skin types.  I tried the Cleanser, Eye Cream, Vitamin C Gel, Vitamin A cream, the Complete Care and SPF.  Every product is amazing and when I love something I just want to use it all the time which isn’t good because I haven’t been trying new products that I am supposed to be using.  You should use these products after your peel because they won’t irritate your skin, it will be a little sensitive.  Also, after your peel they will help maintain your new beautiful skin.

Everyone can benefit from a peel, men, women and at almost all ages. Whatever your skin care concerns are it will help. The VI Peel is done by a professional and it is not something you can do at home by yourself.

To learn more about the VI Peel or find out where you can get one near you click here, VI Aesthetics.