ELLIS FAAS: Make Up Not War

make up not war

ELLIS FAAS has partnered up with War Child for their summer 2017 campaign Make Up Not War to raise money for children affected by armed conflict.  ELLIS FAAS has created their first ever limited edition lipstick to help raise awareness and raise money.  ELLIS FAAS will donate all 100% of the net profits to War Child, and for each lipstick sold, they can give a child a safe haven for three months.  It will be available July 1, 2017.  War Child is an  international organisation that protects and supports children and gives them assistance from the aftermath of conflict.

War Child helps to improve the lives of children affected by conflict.  They help them get psychosocial support, education and protection in 14 countries around the world.  There are 109 million children that live in countries that are affected by armed conflict, 9.9 million live as refugees because of this.  Two million of these children are from Syria.  Children can not get education when they are affected by war or armed conflict and there are about 24 million children that have no access to education.  War Child has reached 260,225 children that are 15 and under, and 101,173 adults that learn to help children.

The color that they have created is a Pink Coral, which looks beautiful on all skin tones.  The color is pretty, happy and uplifting.  The reason ELLIS FAAS created a lipstick is that “the opposite of war is love, and kissing lips are the symbol o love. That is why it’s only obvious that for our first ever “limited edition”, we have chosen a lipstick.”  It is a very pigmented color and it is a long wear lipstick so you won’t have to reapply throughout the day.

ellis faas

There are ways you can help raise awareness for Make Up Not War and War Child.  You can purchase this lipstick here, ELLIS FAAS.  Wear it all summer long, I know I will be.  They have also created T Shirts for the campaign and like the lipstick 100% of net profits will be donated to War Child, you may also find it on their website.  You can also help the campaign on social media by “sharing a kiss”, on Instagram to challenge the world to Make Up Not War!

Here is how:
1. Grab your lipstick and put it on! Yes, GUYS, also you – or maybe even: especially you!
2. Grab your phone and get ready to film yourself:
Kiss the palm of your hand, leaving a mark of the lipstick.
Say “Let’s kiss to Make Up Not War, and I hereby send a kiss to [name of a friend]. Please pass on this kiss to someone else to raise awareness for War Child.” [you can make variations, just be sure you mention “Make Up Not War”!] Kiss into the camera, blow a kiss, or pass on the kiss however you feel like!
3. Tag your friend and don’t forget to use hashtag #kisstomakeupnotwar (and if you can manage #MUNWchallenge, #warchild, #ellisfaas) to enter the challenge and have a chance to win a book of Ellis’ work especially signed for you!

This campaign is so important because it’s a call for humanity, to make the world we live in a better place.  To help children who are affected by war not fall into the cycle of hate and violence.  To help them learn that the world is a beautiful place to be in and give them the chance that they deserve.  If you can’t buy the lipstick share a photo on Instagram it only takes a moment of your time to possibly help the lives of children.