The Expert with Shannon Medlock

Vi Peel


Shannon Medlock is aesthtician and beauty consultant in LA.  She is also the VI Aesthetics Research Center Specialist.  I did all my VI Peels with Shannon, she’s the best.  I highly recommend her. She not only makes you feel comfortable with the peel, she is very insightful she also does follow ups with you while you are peeling.  Especially for the first peel, she’s great.  Shannon has her studio in West LA and provides different services besides the VI Peel, she does a wide range of facial treatments, waxing, make up application, eye brow shaping and more. She is a free-lance make up artist and has worked in film, print, theater and runway. If you have been following my peeling experience and have been thinking of getting one you should definitely get one with Shannon.

Today she shares some insight on the VI Peel:


How is Vi Peel different from other peels?  The VI Peel is unique to other peels as it is a synergistic blend of lower level acids (TCA, Salicylic and Retinoic Acid) that work together to improve tone, texture, fine lines, wrinkles and the overall clarity of skin. The peel also has a low level numbing agent that helps provide a painless experience. Lastly, the VI peel solution has Vitamin C and mineral blend built into the formulation so it can nurture skin while going through the exfoliation process and help strengthen skin and build collagen and elastin on a cellular level.


Who needs to do a peel?  VI Peels are a fantastic non-invasive aesthetic procedure for anyone looking for skin rejuvenation or to treat specific conditions. The VI Peel is safe for a variety of skin tones, can treat a variety of skin concerns and is safe for people as young as 13. The VI Peel Portfolio offers 5 different peels that address skin rejuvenation, pigmentation damage, acne, and acne scarring in the skin. The VI Peel is also a great option for body peeling and is safe to use on neck and decollete, arms, legs, back, elbows, hands and more.


What can you expect from peeling? You can expect to see a change in your skin tone, texture and overall appearance in the skin. You also will notice your skincare products go on and absorb more effectively into skin after the peeling process is complete. I personally also love the way my makeup glides on after the exfoliation process leaving my makeup looking flawless on the skin. After peeling many people always ask what I have had done.


How often do you have to do a peel?  With the cell turnover rate in skin, it is safe to have the VI Peel every 4-6 weeks based on the skin and it’s sensitivities.  I always suggest an individual peel for rejuvenation and a series of VI Peels to treat conditions in the skin such as hyperpigmentation, acne and scarring in the skin.


Is one peel enough? Yes, one VI peel is a fabulous option to rejuvenate skin and help prevent future damage in the skin.  When the VI Peels are done in a series sequentially the VI peels have the ability to transform skin and help eliminate damaged skin.


How long does it take to fully recover from a peel?  Typically during the 7 day exfoliation process with the VI Peel you will have 3-5 days of shedding. You receive the VI peel day one of the process and the peeling typically begins on day three  and can last through day six or seven. After day seven you can return to your regular skincare routine.


Song you are listening to on repeat?  I can’t stop listening to Julia Michaels “Issues” right now. Her voice is unique and beautiful and I can’t help but sing-a-long while in car or at the gym. Love it!


Always in your fridge?   Suja Organic Mighty Dozen Green Juice… I drink it at least once a day and use it in smoothies as well as an afternoon pick me up. Have to have my greens!!


Beauty tip for our readers:   My best beauty tip is HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE! Our skin shows lack of hydration in many ways.. fine lines, wrinkles, acne break outs, dryness, and so much more. Drinking enough water daily is a must. I try and drink a minimum of 100 oz a day to constantly flush the toxins from the body and hydrate from within.

I will always do my peels with Shannon and highly recommend her, she’s amazing.  Go to her studio and book an appointment with her to do a VI Peel and more, Shannon Irene Beauty.