infrared sauna


I love trying anything that will cleanse or detox my body, I recently went to Skintuition in Woodland Hills.  It is a spa that is located in the cutest area called the French Quarter.  I did an infrared sauna there which was amazing.  I loved it and want to go back.  I have done an infrared spa before but what’s different about the ones at Skintuition are they are glass so you won’t feel boxed in. Other ones that I have been to only have a small window so when it’s 145 degrees and you’re in a small space it starts to feel even smaller.  Your session is also 45 minutes long.  I am not even remotely claustrophobic.  If you don’t like tight places you will love the saunas at Skintuition.

If you are not familiar with what an infrared spa is, it’s a dry heat like a traditional rock sauna. But it comes from infrared light which will heat the center of your body, in a traditional sauna you sweat out about 3-5% toxins.  In an infrared sauna you sweat about 17-20% toxins. The infrared sauna penetrates deeply into your joints, muscles and tissues, speeding oxygen flow and increasing circulation. Helping to remove impurities from your cells, specifically the cells inside our fat where our body stores waste and harmful toxins such as cholesterol and heavy metals.

Your session starts with a quick run through of what to expect, then you get to choose what kind of elixir you want to take in with you.  They have a variety of them that they add to water and you drink it during your session. You choose from fruit infused water or plain water. I recommend the fruit because it’s very refreshing during your session.  When you go into your sauna you can choose from a variety of music that will play inside the sauna.  You also go in totally naked, trust me you will want to anyway.   I won’t lie the first 10 minutes are the toughest.  I literally thought I was in the sauna for 40 mins and looked at the time and 5 minutes had passed. After the first 10 minutes the time really goes by quickly.  I ended up opening my entire towel across the seat and curled into a ball and took a cat nap. I felt amazing when I was done.

Some other benefits from the infrared sauna are skin rejuvenation, it helps with circulation and acne, eczema and other skin concerns.  It also helps minimize the appearance of cellulite.  The infrared light also helps with stress relief, you will get an amazing night sleep that night.  It can help with detoxification, when you sweat you are releasing toxins from your body. If you go regularly it can help with weight loss because you can burn up to 600 calories and more during a session.  Since the heat penetrates into your body it will help with joint pain, muscle relief and any other aches and pains.  It also improves blood circulation.

Another unique feature in the Skintuition sauna’s is that they have chromotherapy.  Which is light therapy, and they have seven colors that change during the session.  You may be familiar with light therapy such as red light therapy which helps with collagen rebuilding.  The other lights that they have are pink, which helps your veins and arteries, orange that helps with bronchitis and asthma. Strong yellow, which strengthens internal tissues, yellow with helps with indigestion. Strong green with helps with regenerative stimulation, green that helps you relax, strong blue that helps stress, blue that helps with skin cells, strong indigo that helps eye inflammation, indigo that purifies your blood and violet that helps your lymphatic system.

I will definitely go back to do it again and try some of their other services.

Skintution is located at 20969 VENTURA BLVD WOODLAND HILLS, CA, 91364