Three Products You Need For Great Skin

how to get great skin

It’s summertime and the most important beauty regimen for me is taking care of my skin.  In the summer I wear less makeup, most of the time I’m not wearing foundation unless it’s absolutely needed like for an event.  Even when I am wearing foundation I try to find one that is like second skin.  That’s why taking care of your skin is so important so you can be make up free.  I love skin tools and I’ll try anything.  These three products are ones that I can not live without.  They don’t work overnight but in the long run you will be happy with the results.

GloPro is a tool that I can not live without.  It is an at home microneedling tool that is so easy to use and painless.  I use the face, body and eye ones.  I find it very gentle, I have tried another at home microneedling tool and could not use it near my eyes or lips because it was too painful.  GloPro does not hurt at all and I have seen an improvement in my skin’s firmness, my laugh lines have disappeared and also the lines around my eyes.  When I use the body one on my legs I noticed that the appearance of my cellulite has diminished.  It’s an amazing tool to have at home and the results are amazing without having to spend a lot of money on invasive treatments. You can find it here, GloPro.

Adore Organics Golden Touch 24k Techno-Dermis Facial Mask is amazing. This for sure is the most expensive face mask that I have used.  It is worth it. When it comes to your face you can’t be cheap.  It is not like any other gold face mask on the market.  Some of these gold masks when they are on your face they shrivel up and leave lines on your face.  Not these, these leave your face brighter, fuller and more radiant.  If you use these on a regular basis you will notice sun spots and skin discoloration will fade.  After just one use you will have a more youthful appearance. I have also used the eye masks and I love them.  They really brighten up and tighten my eye area.  My fine lines have disappeared and when I am running on just a few hours of sleep the eye masks make me look well rested. Find them here, Adore Cosmetics.

LightStim, is an amazing at home LED light therapy.  If you want to be wrinkle free and forever young you need to go buy this. This light goes under layers of your skin to help it from the inside out.  It will also help fight acne, get rid of acne scars and give you healthy skin again.  LED light therapy helps with fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots and can even help with muscle tension and pain. Lightstim will help firm, tone and increase elasticity in your skin. It evens out skin tone and makes your skin look brighter and healthier.  This can be used on both men and women, and you can start using at the first signs of aging.  It comes in several colors, I have pink and I love it.  I do it every day and have seen such great results.  Everyone always compliments me on what a bright and glowing complexion I have and I have been using the light for six months now. The next one I want is the one for pain in lilac or sea foam green because I have back pain and knee pain.  You can get one here, LightStim.