What Your Lipstick Color Says About You

lipstick personality

Have you ever wondered why you are drawn to one lipstick color more than others?  You might have 15 different shades of red, pink or nude in your lipstick collection and continue to buy similar shades.  The color you choose might be based on your personality traits.  Keep reading to see what your lipstick color says about you.


red lipstick

Red lipstick

Red lipstick represents ambition, confidence, and drive.  They say women who wear red lipstick are passionate and daring. Creativity is another trait that red lipstick wearing ladies have. Women who wear red lipstick aren’t afraid to stand out at in a crowd  and are used to getting attention.  Courage and determination are other characteristics of a red lipstick wearers.
Two of my favorite reds are:
maybelline metallic lipstick
Maybelline’s Hot Lava, it’s a pretty metallic red that isn’t sparkly and gives a nice shine to your lips. Find it here, Maybelline.

Tom Ford’s Ruby Rush is a beautiful creamy red lipstick that is flattering on every skin tone.  Buy it here, Tom Ford.

pink Lipstik

Pink lipstick
It is preferred by women who emphasize their playful side that are incurable romantic and still believe in Prince Charming. social, pretty , fun loving , sophisticated, sweet,It is said about them that regardless of age,  they  will always remain kids in their heart.

My choices for pink are:

pur lipstick

Pur’s Velvet Matte in Obsessed it’s a really soft wearable pink.  This color is the perfect everyday color. Get it here, Pur Cosmetics.

velvet matte lipstick impulsive

Victoria’s Secret Velvet Matte in Impulsive is a fun summer pink.  Bring out your playful side with this bright pink color.  Find it here, Victoria’s Secret.


wine lipstick

Wine/Muave lipstick
Wine color lipstick is for women who exude sexiness.  The lip color is sexy and mysterious. Some of the traits for women who wear wine colored lipstick have elegance.  One more characteristic of women who choose this color is that they are independent.

Two of my picks for wine colored lips are:

lipstick queen rook

Lipstick Queen in Rook it’s a warm rich wine.  It’s so lovely on every skin tone and you can wear this color day to night.  Buy it here, Lipstick Queen.

maybelline matte ink lipstick

Maybelline’s Super Stay Matte Ink in Voyager is a matte wine colored lipstick.  You can eat, drink and even fall asleep with your lipstick on and it will never come off.  It’s really long lasting.  Get it here, Maybelline.

nude lipstick


Nude lipstick

Women who choose nude lipstick as their go to color are warm and caring.  They tend to put others before themselves.  They also have an active lifestyle and are good at multitasking.

My favorite nudes of the moment are:

rodial suede lips

Rodial Suede Lips in Melrose Ave. this nude is a really pretty flesh tone color that is matte.  It will look good on any skin tone and is flattering.  It makes my lips look full and feels so soft on. Get it here, Rodial.

votre vu lip crayon

Votre Vu Champs-éLIPsée Lip Crayon in Naked is a pretty nude that has a shine to it.  It feels moisturizing on and will become one of your favorites. Find it here, Votre Vu.