How To Get Perfect Eyebrows

Filling in my eyebrows is the only thing that is a must for my daily beauty ritual.  I can go bare-faced but I always fill in my eyebrows.  They really open up your eyes and full thick eyebrows can make you look more youthful.  Here are some tips on your to get the perfect eyebrows.

Step 1: Brush your brows

Brushing your brows up will help  you see where your they need to be filled.  Start brushing from the inside towards the out.  Brushing them up will show the gaps, unevenness and help them look fuller.

Anastasia Duo Brush #12

Use a brush like this Anastasia Duo Brush #12 find it here, Anastasia Beverly Hills

Step 2: Find your arch and the end of your brow

Don’t over draw your brows.  They should end at a 45 degree angle from the outside end or your eye.  You can measure this with your brow brush by lining up the brush with the outside of your nose to the end of your brow.  If you over draw your brows it can make your eyes look droopy.  To measure your arch use your brow brush from the corner of your nose to the middle of your brow.

Step 3: Fill in your brows

Using short dash-like strokes to mimic your natural hairs, softly fill in any sparse areas with powder to make your brows look more natural. Find a color close to your brows and fill them in lightly so that it looks natural.  Don’t fill in the corners of the eyebrows to heavily or else they will look harsh. Add the lighter powder at the arch of your brows to make them look more tailored and you can add a tiny bit to the top to make them pop or more dramatic for an evening look. maybelline eyebrow

I love using Maybelline’s Brow Drama Pro Palette, find it here:Maybelline.

Step 4: Brush them again

Brush your eyebrows again to set your brows and hold the hairs in place you can comb through brows with a colored or clear gel.  Also, if you have made your brows too dark then just keep brushing the color through and it will get lighter.  I brush them up and away from my eyes to make my eyes look bigger.

EES eyebrow solution

If you have really sparse eyebrows try an eyebrow serum to help them grow.  I have used EES Eyebrow Solution.    It takes about 90 days to get the eyebrows that you want, you will see results in a few weeks.  It’s really easy to use, you apply it two times a day and can wear it under makeup.  It will help regrow hair in places you are missing hair.  I had a really horrible experience with someone threading my eyebrows and one of my brows was basically gone.  I started using this solution and my brows are now even, look healthier and fuller. It’s amazing.  You can buy it here, EES Eyebrow Solution.