Klorane Peony Hair Care

klorane peony

My hair is stressed out from all the products that I try.  I also dye it so my scalp gets dry and itchy from dying it so often.  I also use a lot of hot styling tools so my hair is dry.  I was looking for a product that could bring my hair back to life and bring balance to it. I recently tried Klorane’s Peony line of hair care which is made from the flower, the flowers botanicals have anti-irritating properties that help soothe sensitive scalps and bring balance back to your hair cuticles.  I tried the shampoo, gel conditioner and scalp spray.

klorane shampoo

I love the way this line smells, the fragrance is light and not too floral.  The scent also last in your hair for days.  The shampoo is a purifying and clarifying shampoo that will remove excess build up from your hair and scalp.  If you use a lot of dry shampoo, go several days between shampoos or use a lot of hair products this is great shampoo for you.  Using a lot of dry shampoo is actually bad for you.  Your scalp has oil and it builds on it dry shampoo only dries out the oil from your hair cuticle not scalp and oil build up on the scalp can clog the cuticles resulting in hair loss.  Using a clarifying shampoo like Klorane’s Peony Shampoo is great for removing that excess oil without stripping your hair scalp and making it dry. I loved how soft and shiny my hair was from just one use.

klorane peony

The conditioner is really different, it’s a gel conditioner.  I have never used a gel conditioner before, it is really light weight and left my hair feeling silky and soft.  The bottle is designed so that you can apply the conditioner directly to your scalp but I didn’t apply it that way.  I applied how I would normally apply conditioner but it’s tricky since it’s a gel texture to know how much to apply.  I would apply about a nickel sized amount and use a wet brush or comb to pull it through.  Depending on your hair length keep doing the same process until you feel you’ve applied enough.  I really love this conditioner.  My hair feels so amazing after using both products.  You need these!

klorane peony

If you have itchy, dry or even dandruff try this spray.  It feels cool on when you spray it to your scalp and will give comfort and relief to irritated scalps for 24 hours.  It also helps bring back the pH to your scalp and gives your scalp protection.  It smells amazing, it’s great for summer if you swim in the pool a lot because chlorine will irritate your scalp. All three products are free of Parabens, Silicone, SLS-Free, pH Balanced, Hypoallergenic, Biodegradable, and Vegan.

Find them here, Klorane.