IGlow by Nurse Nataly

iglow nurse nataly



Who doesn’t want bright and glowing skin? You can get it easily now with these two products that I recently tried from IGlow by Nurse Nataly. The first product that I tried is the IGlow Plush Peel which is the fastest peel that I have tried.  It exfoliates in 60 seconds.  It is so easy to use, I just applied it to dry skin and let it dry and you roll it off with your fingers.  Then you just rinse off the excess.  It’s really great to use if you are feeling a little dry or patchy.  You can use it daily or when you feel like your skin needs to glow.  I used the IGLow 24/7 Skin Rescue after the IGlow Plush Peel.  Which is a serum that can been used on all skin types, even if you had just had a chemical peel.  It really moisturizes your skin and if you live in a dry climate like LA you need this.  It contains ceramides, and 13 different oils.  It absorbs quickly and leaves your skin feeling soft.

Find them here, IGlow by Nurse Nataly.