Algenist Genius Liquid Collagen

algenist genius skincare

Algenist has done it again, they have come up with another amazing product.  I am currently obsessed with their newest product, Liquid Collagen.  When you try Liquid Collagen you realize this is the reason why they are one of the skin care leaders in the industry.  Not only will you see results in 10 days, this is the first ever vegan, plant-based collagen with the highest concentration of active collagen.  What Liquid Collagen will do is help bring back elasticity and firmness to your skin, bring back your glow, soften skin and help fight the signs of aging.

It contains tiny micro beads of Microalgae, which are naturally and sustainably sourced.  Microalgae is rich in Omega 3, 6, and 9 which is great to help rebuild your skin, they help reduce inflammation and it also helps fight acne.  These Omega’s also help keep skin retain moisture, and maintain elasticity.  Collagen starts to break down in your late 20’s to early 30’s because of environmental factors, stress, smoking, pollution, age and many other factors.  Collagen breakdown is what causes fine lines and wrinkles, skin sagging and overall aging.  Applying Liquid Collagen can help your skin rebuild and keep your skin looking youthful and bright.

I love the way this product smells and all Algenist products smell, they have light fragrances that don’t linger when you apply the product.  This collagen is gentle and can be used on all types of skin types and won’t irritate even the most sensitive skin types.  After three days of using it my skin look more radiant, I looked refreshed and my skin felt firmer. I love products that work so quickly. For best results use this twice a day after you have cleansed your skin and dried it. Liquid Collagen is really hydrating so if you use a heavy moisturizer you could switch to a lighter one, if you have dry skin you will love how moisturized your skin will be.  The first time you apply this you will feel and see a difference.  Now we can all stay looking forever young, I love it and you will too.

Find it here, Algenist.