Volaire Haircare


If my hair looks good, I feel great all day.  I really can’t style my hair myself, when I try I get tired of blowing it out and will end up just drying part of my hair and letting the rest air dry.  If I don’t go get a professional blowout then my hair lives in a ponytail, side braid or bun.  I’m also pretty hopeless when it comes to curling my hair it never looks amazing when I do it myself.  My hair is really thick and heavy so it looses its shape quickly. Blow out’s don’t last as long for me, curls tend to fall and my hair gets flats.  I recently tried Voliare’s line of products that promises to give you full and bouncy hair.  Their ingredients are also unique, it is made from coconut surfactants, avocado, kelp + algae extracts and chamomile + yarrow extracts.

I love these products, the Weightless Volumizing Shampoo is so unique it’s a foam shampoo.  This is the first time I have ever used a shampoo that has a similar texture to mousse.  When you dispense it, it comes out like a gel but then you rub it between your palms and it foams up.  It has a really nice lather and leaves your hair feeling so soft and clean that you think you can skip the conditioner.  You won’t want to skip the Weightless Fortifying Conditioner it leaves your hair feeling sooooo soft.  I have dry coarse hair and my hair felt silky.  The conditioner also gave my hair lots of body and shine.  You leave it on 2 minutes and then rinse but you can also use it as a mask if you need more hydration for your hair.  The Uplift Volumizing Mist is a volume boost for your hair you spray it all over towel-dried hair and it will also help protect your hair from styling tools.  It will make your hair really bouncy and helps hold your style. The last product that I tried is the Air Magic Texturizing Spray this is similar to a dry shampoo it will help absorb oil but it doesn’t alcohol so it won’t dry out your hair like lots of dry shampoos do.  You can spray this in your hair throughout the day for quick touch-ups.  It will also give more texture to your hair.  If you need a little volume boost just spray this in your hair.  If you want full, bouncy, shiny hair, go try these!


Find it here, Volaire.