collosol eau de lait


We are always searching for that “je ne sais quoi” when it comes to beauty.  French girl beauty has always been one of the most sought after looks, the French make it look so effortless and easy.  It starts with skincare, having soft beautiful skin is the first step to natural beauty.  Even Karl Lagerfeld is a fan, he has said he uses an entire bottle of Collosol Eau de Lait in his bath everyday and which he gives credit to having such great skin. The packing is chic and you’ll feel like you are meant to be sitting on the French Rivera drinking rose after using it.

Collosol was created in Paris in the 1950’s for a movie star and has been a favorite of beauty insiders ever since. You can use this micellar water as a makeup remover, skin cleanser (no rinse) and in your bath like Karl.  It is so gentle it can be used on any skin type and can be used during the day as a pick me up for your skin.  It doesn’t strip your skin leaving it dry it moisturizes it and leaves it feeling so soft.  Try it, it will bring you one step closer to that, je ne sais quoi.

Find it here, Collosol.