Products You Need For Your Gym Bag

best products for your gym bag

Gym Bag products are a must! I am one of those girls who doesn’t like to shower at any class I take, or gym I go to and sometimes you can’t after hiking.  It essential to have products that will hold you over until you get home to shower.  In LA, everyone wants to take a class together or hike and then go for coffee or juice after.  These products can take you from looking like a sweaty mess to a fresh natural beauty.  Even if you go out to lunch after, I won’t tell anyone you haven’t showered.

Here are some products that you need right now.

A bag to keep it all in, I have a hard time finding cute makeup bags, Crimes of Beauty has fun ones that you’ll love.  GLAM AF is made out of canvas and is light weight so it’s perfect to leave in your car, gym bag or handbag. Find it here, Crimes of Beauty. I try not to over do it with dry shampoo so I have been using these frizz sheets by Nunzio Saviano after I give my hair a quick brush with this mini brush from Hot Heads Hairbrush.  I love how small this brush is and it has a mix of boar bristles and synthetic bristles that will help remove excess oil and debris from your hair. You can get it here, Hot Heads. The anti-frizz sheets are amazing you can carry them in your bag, they are great for quick touch-ups, to give your hair some extra shine, I also love them for traveling. Find them here, Nunzio Saviano. I do have to wash my face at a class so if I take a hot yoga, or cycle class and sweat a lot my face is what feels the worst.  I like using PUR’s Joystick, it is a face wash/exfoliator stick so it won’t spill or make a mess in your bag if it opens.  It’s great for travel, your gym bag or at home.  It’s so easy to use and leaves your face feeling clean. You can get it here, PUR. After I wash my face, I like using Erborian CC Cream it’s a radiance face cream that has SPF25, it’s a great daily face cream.  It helps hide fine lines and flaws on your face, it is hydrating and leaves you looking radiant. With time, this cream will help tone your face and fade fine lines. Get it here, Erborian. One thing you must have is Yuni’s Flash Bath, I wish I had an endless supply of these.  It is a no rinse body cleanser.  It foams up and cleans off sweat, dirt and odor.  It doesn’t leave you feeling sticky just clean.  It’s amazing.  It has some antibacterial extracts that help cleanse you when you can’t get to a shower after working out. find it here, Yuni Flash Bath.  I don’t use deodorant that often because I never really needed it but when I go to a class that I know I will be working out hard in I always put one on just in case.  I am obsessed with Eau des Minimes not only because I love the packaging but I love that it is free of alcohol, aluminium and it smells so good. Get it here, Eau Des Minimes. So acne on your body can happen and if you don’t shower right after the gym it’s more likely that you can get acne on your body.  To prevent that you need to get Glytone’s Acne Treatment Spray.  I get a few dry oil spots on my back if I don’t shower right away and I know some of my friends get it on their chest.  This spray will help stop that, you can spray it on your back, shoulders, chest, anywhere on your body that you might break out. Find it here, Glytone. Finally, if you take a class or hike or just push your self extra at the gym you need to get Yuni’s Chillax it’s a muscle recovery for after you work out.  It’s a roller ball so you can apply it easily and it will do wonders for your muscles.  Get it here, Yuni.