The A List with Bobbi Brown

bobbi brown


If you looked in your makeup bag right now you probably have a product from Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.  Not only was she the pioneer for natural beauty she created the line of makeup for those who didn’t want heavy contouring and brand that would be great for all women not just an edgy woman or a girl next door.  Her brand is about diversity and products that you can use everyday. She has recently stepped down from her brand to start a new lifestyle platform, Just Bobbi that should be launching in January. Her new space will be curated with beauty, wellness, lifestyle and her archives.  Bobbi has written eight beauty books, her ninth book and latest one Beauty From The Inside Out isn’t just focused on makeup and beauty tips it is about wellness, food, and fitness. The book focus on how important it is to eat right and take care of your body because it shows on your face.  She explains what super foods are and how they benefit your body and what they actually do.  Bobbi gives tips on workouts, who they will benefit from different types of workouts and how to stay motivated. Beauty from the Inside out also has recipes, that are really easy to do even if you aren’t a great cook these will make you feel like you are.  I really love this book because it inspires you to eat right and live a healthy lifestyle.  You can learn about beauty foods, feeling confidant and a few makeup tips. It’s definitely a must read for everyone! I’ve been reading it and loving it.

Today Bobbi shares some beauty tips with us:

Name: Bobbi Brown

Hometown: Chicago

First Job: Selling shoes

Dream Job: I have it

One Beauty Product Every Woman Should Own: Concealer

One Beauty Tip You Learned From Your Mother: Put bronzer on your cheeks and blush on top.

Recent Beauty Splurge: Laser

I don’t leave home without: My Iphone and credit card

Drugstore Favorite: Maybelline Mascara

Beauty Inspiration: Ali McGraw- Then and Now

How I relax: Epsom salt bath and a vodka on the rocks!

Always in my fridge: Goat Cheese, Smoked Salmon and Eggs

Guilty Pleasure: Pizza and Diet Coke

Beauty Tip for our readers: Happiness, health and wellness, are the best cosmetics for beauty.

If you want to be the first to know about Bobbi’s new lifestyle platform you can go here, Just Bobbi. Follow her on Instagram, @JustBobbiBrown.  You can also grab a copy of Bobbi’s latest book, Beauty From The Inside Out, here.