JOOVV Red Light Therapy

red light therapy

I love red light therapy and have tried a couple different ones in the past.  Each one that I have tried has been a tiny hand-held device which work well but only for your face and neck.  I alway wished that there was a larger red light machine that you could use at home.  Joovv makes one.  I tried the mini version and it’s that small, you have to hang it behind a door to use it.  I really love it and you will too!

Why red light therapy? When you consistently use red light on your skin it has so many benefits. Some of the benefits are anti-aging it will help reduce wrinkles and fine lines.  It helps the production of collagen, collagen starts breaking down at the age of 25 so you start to age quicker.  The red light will help slow that down and hep your body produce collagen. Leaving you looking forever young. Your skin will stay full and youthful.  Joovv is amazing not only can you use it on your face you can use it on your body as well and if you have wrinkles on your chest from sun damage or aging they will diminish. It also helps fight acne and acne scars, it will also help fade stretch marks and scars.  I loved it because I had a few stretch marks from when I was a kid from my growth spurt and they really faded. Other benefits from red light is that it will help with muscle aches and pains. So if you have worked out really hard and forgot to stretch it will help your recovery really quickly.  I also helps joint inflammation, It reduces it if you just use this a few minutes a day.  It’s really amazing.

What I love about Joovv is that it is a really strong red light, it works really well.  I noticed a huge difference between hand-held devices and this one.  This is much brighter and infrared light is at a higher range than a hand-held device.  You don’t have to spend so much time holding something to your face instead you can just spend a few minutes a day in front of the light.  It’s really easy to use and safe to use as well and both men and women will benefit from this.  Joovv comes in three sizes a mini version , the original and a long one, it also has 50,000 hours of use. It is very different because the lights are in a metal casing unlike a hand-held device which are usually plastic. Also, there are two fans built into it so that the device will never over heat.  I think that the long one would be the best one because it would get the full length of your body instead of having to change the length of it if you want to focus on another part of your body.  I get lower back pain sometimes so I use it for that as well and it really helps.

You can learn more about Joovv here and find the one that is right for you, Joovv.