Talika Eye Therapy Patch


I have tried a lot of eye patches, I recently tried the Talika Eye Therapy Patch and they are my new favorite ones.  These are the first eye masks that are reusable up to three times.  You can buy a little case like the one in the photo but I just saved the little bag they came in and the plastic and after I used them I just put them back on the plastic and back in the bag.  I haven’t been getting very much sleep recently and instead of looking tired I just put on these Talika eye patches and it helps get rid of my tired eyes.  You will see puffiness go away, dark circles and with time fine lines.  It’s really a little miracle patch. I leave them on for 30 minutes to get really amazing results.  You will look like you have had 8 hours of sleep after using these. You’ll want these in the morning on your way to work, for flights, or just when you need to look your best.

I also love these because they feel so gentle on.  They also don’t slip off like some gel ones can and when you take them off they won’t pull your skin.  They contain shea butter, ceramides, safflower and avocado oils to help moisturize your delicate eye area and fight aging.  You need these in your life!

Find them here, Talika.