The Expert: Cassondra Kaeding

cassondra kaeding


Cassondra Kaeding is one of the most sought after colorist.  She has known since she was ten years old that she wanted to do hair. She is one of LA’s top colorist and has become as famous as her celebrity clients. Some of her celebrity clients include Kate Hudson, Rooney Mara, Lea Michele, Ciara, just to name a few.  Her work has been featured on the cover of Vogue, W, Elle, Allure, and InStyle. She has also worked on the sets of Hunger Games, American Horror Story and Glee. Cassondra is an expert in color correction and transformative color.

Today Cassondra shares some hair tips with us:

Your Favorite hair color for fall: 

This Fall it’s all about the Reds! The warm colors are in! You will start to see a lot of deep coppers, medium golden coppers and strawberry blondes. Also the blondes are going warmer with more golden tones!

Recent Beauty Splurge:

This shampoo and conditioner called Inphenom. I stocked up for myself and my house call kits so I can use on my clients as well.

Best advice you have received:

Never stop learning and always Be open to new ideas. 

Hair tip that anyone can do at home:

Give your hair a nice treat . I always say if you have a lazy day at home throw on a  hydrating hair masque. Especially after the beating your hair has taken from the summer.

Where do you find inspiration?

Being a colorist I’m lucky to find inspo everywhere. Clothing, make up, the change of the season, the outdoors. I love seeing different colors and tones from all over. Then I try to incorporate the colors i see into my work. 

Hair product you wish was invented:

I wish that i could come up with a vitamin for anyone and everyone to take that would give you the desired hair color you would like. Last just a week so that way one week you can be a blonde the next week you can be a redhead! Wouldn’t that be amazing?!!!

What’s the biggest mistake you see women do when changing their hair color? 

Clients want instant gratification. Sometime clients want to go from one extreme to the other in one sitting. This can be done but you are walking the line of damaged and fragile hair. My advice is to listen to your colors when they say it’s better to split your appointment up into two or multiple sittings. You will thank us later when your hair is on the healthier side and intact!  

Best Drugstore Buy: 

I discovered a brand by L’Oreal Indian Lilac shampoo and conditioner. Its sulfate free and the smell is amazing!

Song you are listening to on repeat:

Right now Rhianna’s  Wild thoughts.

Hair trend you wish would go away:

Ok guys, don’t get mad. I’m excited to see unicorn hair slowly fade you. This color trend destroys your hair from all the bleaching!

One product you can’t live without:

So there is this new universal Face oil coming out soon but I’m lucky enough to have gotten it before the public. It’s by Mara beauty their Universal face oil. I use it every night and every morning soo obsessed! Cant travel without it!

Always in your fridge:

Ok here we go… Sriracha. I put it almost on everything.

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