Philosophy’s Newest Collection



Philosophy has been supporting Mental Health Awareness Day with their hope & grace initiative. They are the first major beauty brand that has committed themselves to make a donation of 1% of all sales to a cause.  What’s amazing is that this includes all products, without limitations.  Hope and grace fund will award multiple financial grants each year to local organizations that help empower women helping them with mental health issues and wellbeing. Organizations help with prevention and treatment of related issues. Mental health is an issue that a lot of people don’t like to talk about whether it’s depression, post traumatic stress, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or self-esteem issues because some people are embarrassed, ashamed or don’t feel like they have someone to talk to.  Everyone has suffered from one of these issues at one point in their life, 450 million people worldwide suffer from mild to serious mental health issues.  This is a growing number and women don’t speak about it as much because there is such a stigma about this issue, it is seen as nagging, complaining or it is viewed in a negative light. The fund will support hundreds of organizations each year and touch thousands of lives, helping with wellbeing and treatment. Philosophy supports self-care not only through skincare but for your mind and well being. 

amazing grace pure grace

New to the Philosophy line is their Amazing Grace Ballet Rose and Pure Grace Nude Rose Collection.

philosophy skincarePure Grace Nude Rose is a new fragrance that is part of Philosophy’s newest collection is an airy rose scent.  It has a clean and fresh scent that is like and effortless.  It is inspired by Philosophy’s timeless fragrance, that is a favorite of many, Grace. The notes in pure grace nude rose are rose,neroli, orange flower, cedar wood and a hint of musk.

philosophy skincare

Amazing Grace Ballet Rose is also part of their new collection which is also inspired by their best-selling fragrance Grace.  This new rose scent is very soft and delicate.  It has notes of rose, peon, lychee and woods. Both fragrances are easy to wear and are so light and pretty.  These fragrances smell happy, so they are perfect to wear today for Mental Health Awareness day.  If you are feeling down they will definitely lift your spirits.

Find them here, Philosophy.