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Living in a city like Los Angeles that has a lot of cars and people, there is a lot of pollution.  There are so many environmental factors that affect your skin and those things cause skin problems like acne, aging and sun spots.  Luzern has a line called La Defense, which is created for the urban lifestyle.  It is formulated to help detox your skin, keeping it hydrated, it helps correct and fight environmental aggressors. These products help protect you from pollution, premature aging from blue light and more. Luzern products are toxic 12 free, they are made with BioSuisse extracts, they are clean|cold processed, made with standardized actives and are held to the highest standards.

luzern skin care

I tried three products from the collection, La Defense Urban Protect Micellar Cleansing Water, La Defense Urban Protect Day Lotion and the La Defense Urban Protect Detox Masque. They say that 90% of premature aging is caused from environmental damage such as the sun, pollution, blue light from devices like your cell phone. The first step in helping your skin is cleansing it, the Micellar Cleansing water is great.  It is so gentle and can be used on all skin types.  It helps removes makeup, residue from pollutants, as well as oil and bacteria.  It doesn’t strip your skin and leaves it feeling soft and clean.  I just use it with a Cle de Peau cotton pad and gently sweep it across my face until I feel like I have removed my makeup or refreshed my skin.  I love the way the water smells, it has a very light fragrance of cucumber so your home can feel like a spa.  It’s very relaxing.  After I cleanse my face I use the Daily Moisturizer.  This moisturizer is great, it is so light weight and hydrating.  It has been very hot and dry in California that my skin has felt dehydrated.  After I apply this lotion my skin feels soft and looks glowy.  I love how it absorbs quickly into my skin without feeling heavy.  This lotion has special technology, it helps neutralize pollution and blue light so that your devices such as your tv, lap top, or cell phone doesn’t prematurely age you.  It also helps even out skin tone, so your sun spots will fade.  The Daily lotion also has a hint of cucumbers to it, so treat yourself to a spa treatment at home.

luzern skincare

Depending on your skin, you can use the La Defense Detox Mask once or twice a week.  This is a clay mask that will help absorb heavy metals, impurities and chemicals from the surface of the skin to give you a beautiful glowing complexion.  What I love about this clay mask is that my skin doesn’t feel tight or dry after using it.  It feels clean and soft.  I don’t use clay masks that often because they tend to leave my skin feeling dehydrated.  This mask is my favorite clay mask that I have tried.  The mask contains volcanic ash which is what helps remove the toxins from the surface of your skin.  It also contains amino acids that help improve elasticity.


You can find the La Defense collection here, Luzern.