The A List: Ole Henriksen


ole henriksen


Ole Henriksen is legendary in the beauty world.  You definitely have tried some of his most sought after products like Truth Serum Collagen Booster or Three Little Wonders Box Set. If you haven’t you must run out and get them. His brand is one of the most trusted names in beauty and has had global success.  Ole grew up in Denmark and who was once a professional dancer went on tour in South East Asia and ended up in Jakarta.  There his skin became problematic and he had cystic acne.  With the help of his friend who was an esthetician they cleared it up.  This inspired him to go to school and create his own line of skincare that could help problem skin. Now you can find his products in Sephora’s across the globe, over 400 other retailers across Europe, on airlines, and he sells on Home Shopping Network. He still has a spa in Sunset Plaza where he has been since 1981. Ole personally formulates his products with the world’s best botanicals creating products that have changed and help people’s skin around the world.  He has a following from A-list celebrities to top beauty editors, and beauty insiders who are all loyal to his brand.

Today Ole shares some beauty tips with us:

First Job: My first job was at age 10, when I would get up at 5:30am every morning to deliver milk in my village called Nibe, Denmark. I would run from the milk truck with the heavy bottles in hand from house to house. I loved my job because it was the best paying job for a young kid.

Dream Job: I have my dream job! In addition to continuously creating new and effectual skincare products that elevate skin to the best it can be, my job also allows me to travel the globe and meet the most fascinating people while sharing the Ole Glow.

One beauty product every women should own: My Truth Serum should be part of every woman’s daily skincare regimen. I created this serum with multiple sources of stable Vitamin C to brighten, firm, and hydrate skin all day long while protecting skin against free radical environmental damage. There’s a reason why this formulation is the #1 selling anti-aging product in Sephora USA and Canada over the last many many years.

One beauty tip you learned from your mother: My Mother worked at the local pharmacy in my village filling prescriptions and making custom blended ointments for the skin. She was diligent about me using a rich moisturizer during the cold winter months in Denmark, knowing how it would protect my skin against rashes and broken capillaries.

Recent beauty splurge: I feel I have beauty splurges every day because I get to pick whatever products from my collection that I want to use on my face and body. Plus the great lab samples I’m testing as a part of new product development. However, I love to splurge on colognes – a favorite being Sauvage for Men by Dior.

I don’t leave home without: I don’t leave home without my briefcase, of which I have many. My most favorite being a Fendi.

Drugstore Favorite: A drugstore favorite is Elnett hairspray by L’oreal that I literally buy in bulk size.

Beauty Inspiration: Women have always been my greatest source of inspiration, regardless of where I meet them around the world.

How I relax: I relax with a good book, sitting in front of my fireplace, and soft music in the background. I call it my “Hygge” moment.

Always in my fridge: Blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries. Lots of them—I eat them like candy!!

Guilty pleasure: Vodka on the rocks with two juicy lemon slices in an elegant crystal glass.

Beauty product that should be invented: For me as a man, a product that grows hair, and lots of it!

Beauty tip for our readers: Keep your skincare routine simple, but be consistent. Focus on exfoliate, treat, and soothe.


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