Sassy Lips

sassy lips lipstick
My favorite thing to buy is lipstick, I love it.  So when I saw these cute flower lipsticks I had to try them!  Sassy Lips came out with a limited edition collection called Make The Moment.  They are six color changing lipsticks they look like jelly with dried flowers and 24k gold flakes in them.  These are fun, they remind me of how mood rings work.  These lipsticks are so pretty that I didn’t even want to use it, I just wanted to save it.


sassy lips


I tried this bright yellow one called, When The Party Gets Going. It does go on yellow, it turns into a pink color.  Depending on the pH in your body it will either turn into a bright pink or a dark pink.  So this color will not look the same on everyone.  It will also change throughout the day as your pH changes. The texture is really smooth on and feels really moisturizing.  The color is really pretty on, I had a few of my friends with different skin tones try it and it looked good on all of them.  It has a just bitten look to it.  It is really great on your lips, it contains cocoa seed butter and natural bees wax.  It won’t dry out your lips and the color is long lasting.  I didn’t try the other colors but I was looking at the descriptions and it seems like all of them have a pink tone to them.  So if you are trying to decide which one to get, go with your favorite color.

Find them here, Sassy Lips.