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cryo therapy

You may have heard of cryo therapy already or at least seen photos of people coming out of cryo sauna’s or chambers.  What is cryotherapy, it’s when you expose your body to ultra low temperatures that can range from -200 degrees Farenheit to -256 degrees Farenheit.  Exposing your body to these low temperatures helps your body feel rejuvenated, it gives you more energy, reduces migraine symptoms, helps with arthritic pain, helps with mood disorders, helps with some skin conditions, stimulates the brain, gets rid of inflammation and so much more. I have been wanting to try it forever even though I hate being cold.  I tried Cryo Healthcare on La Cienega.  They have both cryo saunas and cryo chambers.  I went for the cryo chamber but I wish I had tried both so I could see what the difference was.  What makes Cryo Healthcare different is their use of indirect method of cooling.  Their cryochambers do not expose clients to direct contact with gaseous nitrogen.


When you sign in the first thing you do is get your blood pressure taken to make sure you can enter a cryochamber.  After, that you go into your changing room and put on socks and a robe, you can choose to wear your undergarments or not.  Then the cryo technician takes you to the chamber area and gives you ear muffs, a face mask, gloves and slippers and that’s your outfit you wear inside the chamber.  When you enter the chamber don’t be fooled, that’s not the room you stay in for 2 minutes because that’s what I thought and I thought oh it doesn’t feel that cold here, I can do this.  There is another room in the chamber that you stand in the entry room is just for you to leave your robe in. When that door opened I really felt how cold it would be.  You get to pick a song to listen to while you are in there and I let the technician pick mine because I couldn’t focus on a song title.  I just asked for something up beat.  I won’t lie when the door closed for a split second I was scared that the door would freeze close and I’d be stuck.  The door is never locked so if you get claustrophobic you can open it.  The room turns completely white and you can’t see a thing and the cold is a different type of cold, so it feels very cold but it’s really bearable.  If you can’t do the full two minutes you can do a minute and half and get the same benefits.  They have a count down so when 30 seconds goes by they let you know, I’ll tell you the first 30 seconds is the hardest and if you can make it through that you can do the two minutes.  They recommend 5-10 sessions to see the best results and I only did one, I would definitely like to do more to see how my body feels overall.

cryo therapy


I also did the cryofacial which was a piece of cake after leaving the chamber.  It didn’t feel that cold but it was -109 degrees Farenheit. It felt great on, I did it during out heatwave in LA where it was over 100 degrees outside and this felt refreshing on my face.  The cryo facial helps with fine lines and wrinkles, skin texture and appearance, inflammation, reduces the appearance of pores and so much more.  I love the facial too, it’s a great add after you do the cryo chamber or sauna.  My skin looked bright and glowing after.  It also felt very soft and smooth.


Cryo Healthcare is locate at 351 N. La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA.