Pai-Shau Texture Dust

pai shau texture dust


The newest product by Pai-Shau is their new Texture Dust which is a non-aerosol dry powder that gives instant volume and texture. It’s great because it’s really easy to use doesn’t leave your hair looking white like some dry shampoos do.  Texture Dust helps keeps your blowouts and styles lasting longer so instead of having your styles fall flat on day two or three they will hold when you use this. The powder is really light weight and pump is really easy to use you can pump it directly to your roots or if you want to play around with it you can put a little in your hands and rake it through your roots. This is perfect to take on long flights so your hair doesn’t fall flat or to use during the week when your hair needs a little pick me up. It is infused with Pai-Shau’s Signature Tea Complex which is a blend of White, Green, Black, African Red Bush and Pu-erh Teas. I’m obsessed with it you will be too.

Find it here,  Pai-Shau.