Products and Tools You Need For Your Hair Now

Like your skin your hair also changes during the cooler months.  So you should be changing out your products for your hair as well.  If your hair seems dryer, more limp, or if you even see your hair falling out a little more don’t fret.  I have tried some products that will bring your hair back to life and look bouncy and shiny.

best hair dryer

For everyone who knows me I hate styling my own hair.  In the cooler months I don’t like going out with wet hair so I am forced to dry it at home.  I am loving this Black Gold Turbo Ionic hair dryer from Hot Tools.  It is so light weight that my arm never feels tired. It has ION technology which means it dries your hair faster, reduces frizz, increases shine and softness.  After using this my hair looked so shiny, bouncy and there was no static that I get in these fall months.  Also, if you do a hair mask and you put a shower cap on your head, you can do a heat shot with this dryer and if you put the setting to the highest ION the mask will absorb into your hair faster.  So you will get a salon treatment in your home.

Find where to but it here, Hot Tools.

philip b haircare

My hair is always so dry in the cooler months, so I am always looking for great conditioners or products that are light weight that will give extra moisture to my locks.  I love Philip B.’s Weightless Conditioning Water. It is a light conditioning mist that you spray on.  It adds moisture into your hair, leaving it bouncy with a healthy gleam. It contains water-based nutrients and nutrient-rich plant extracts.  It also eliminates frizz, illuminates color, and will bring instant luster to dull hair.

Get it here, Philip B.

best shine mask for hair

My next two products that I am using non-stop are both from Rene Furterer.  The first one is the Karite Hydra Hair Mask. This mask is amazing my hair looks reflective shiny without looking greasy like it can when you put oils in.  It is made with shea butter so it also moisturizes your hair.  I left it in for five minutes while I was in the shower.  What I do is when I get into the shower I was my hair first and then apply the mask so that the steam from the shower helps absorb the nutrients into my hair.  It also allows the mask to sit in your hair while you are showering.

Get it here, Rene Furterer.

rene furterer

The second product that I love from Rene Furterer is the Karite Nutri Overnight Care. When my hair is feeling extra dry I use this.  You can apply it into dry or wet hair and sleep with it in.  I don’t apply it to my roots so I start from the middle and work my way to the ends.  This is a no rinse treatment, so when you wake up you will have softer and more manageable hair.

Get it here, Rene Furterer.