Burke Williams Hollywood

burke williams

In the heart of Hollywood, Burke Williams has an oasis you can escape to.  For me life can get really busy that I forget to take time out for myself.  I get caught up in the day to day of life, also the stress of sitting in endless traffic all builds tension up in my body.  I had the chance to take a day out for me and enjoy the day spa.  My friend Bridget and I decided to get massages and steam pedicures and use the amenities at Burke Williams in Hollywood.  This is the first time I have ever been to a Burke Williams and have seen several locations, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

burke williams hollywood

I loved into the spa, as you as you walk in the scent is relaxing.  The entrance is very old Hollywood, it has an art deco feel with black and white floors, the sitting area has very Palm Springs feel to it.  It’s very clean and simple.  After our tour, Bridget and I changed into our robes and went to explore the spa.  So a tip is that you can bring a swimsuit if you want, there are women who do use the facilities in the nude, it’s your choice.  Both ways are fine.  You also can’t use your cell phone in areas so plan on leaving it in your locker because the robes do not have pockets.

We started off with the sauna and just relaxed.  Then we took a dip into the jacuzzi sat in there for a while and then jumped into the steam room before our massages.  You will want to come an hour or so early before your appointment so that you can use the facilities.  If you want to use them after your massage bring a hair mask to sit in the steam room with or a face mask.  Then you can shower off.  I will definitely do that next time I visit a Burke Williams.

burke williams hollywood

You will go to the waiting room like 5-10 minutes before your appointment.  In the waiting area you can enjoy tea, infused fruit water, and they have light snacks there.  I got a deep tissue massage and I added the aromatherapy to it.  They have several that you can choose from and they all smell good.  My massage was really great.  You can talk to your masseuse and let them know areas to work on if you need more attention to a certain area.  You can also let Burke Williams know if you prefer a male or female masseuse when you book your appointment.  I wanted to extend my massage because it felt so amazing.  A massage at Burke Williams is a must!

burke williams hollywood

We followed up our massages with steam pedicures.  I wasn’t sure what a steam pedicure was.  If you haven’t tried one you will have to!  This is the best pedicure I have ever received.  It has been over a week since my visit and my feet still feel soft and my pedicure still looks new.  The pedicure area is cute, there are big white chairs with accents of blue pillows. It looks very fresh and inviting.  We sat on big comfy chairs and had blankets to wrap ourselves in which felt so cozy.  You put your feet wrapped up in warm towels in these wooden buckets that steam up.  It softens your feet and the manicurist massages your feet with lotions and oils.  It’s really amazing.  I recommend this to everyone!

Spending a day or a few hours at Burke Williams is something that everyone should try.  I really enjoyed the day.  Go alone or with a friend.

Burke Williams Hollywood is located at 925 N. La Brea Ave, Hollywood, CA 90038.