Hair Products You Need

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I am horrible at doing my own hair.  I don’t like blowing drying or styling my own hair.  You can’t really take short cuts when you want to style your hair.  I really believe you need good products and tools to make sure when you do your hair at home it looks like you went to the salon.  I have really thick and dry hair, it has been damaged from dying it, styling tools and environmental factors.  Here are some products that I have recently tried to get my hair looking bouncy, shiny and salon styled.



best hair mask

I believe in great conditioners, for the first step in beautiful hair find a conditioner that will nourish your strands to have them look and feel healthy. I am loving Macadamia Professional’s Nourishing Moisture Masque. I love the way this mask smells, it is infused with Macadamia Oil, Omega’s, Argan Oil and more. This conditioner is great for medium to thick hair, if you have fine hair you should use the tiniest amount in your hair because it is heavy.  It will leave your hair feeling soft, shiny and bouncy.  The oils in the conditioner will help protect your hair from hot styling tools.

Find it here, Macadamia Professional.


best curling iron

If you are like me and love that Victoria Secret’s long bouncy, effortless loose curls then you need to get this curling iron.  Hot Tools, Curling Bar don’t be intimidated by the way it looks.  I saw it and thought, this looks too hard to use.  As soon as I tried it, I realized this is the best curling iron I have used.  When I’m at the salon my hair dresser always curls my hair from the top and works the iron down the hair.  This curling iron works the same way but makes it feel very comfortable and natural to use that way.  I usually hate using curling irons that don’t have a clip, this one makes it so easy to use without burning your fingers and your curls are left bouncy and perfect. It heats up to 450F and will turn off automatically after two hours. This makes curling my hair so easy and it looks so good when I’m done that I always want to use it.

Find where to buy it here, Hot Tools.


best hairspray

You want your curls to stay but not be stiff you need to try Got2b Mess-Merizing. It’s a great hairspray that will help your curls not look so curled, so that they are loose and more bed heady looking but this will also keep the hold. It gives your hair some texture without looking stiff.  Your hair will feel very touchable and it doesn’t feel like you have the product in.  The fragrance in this is very strong but it doesn’t linger.  My style last for a few days with this.  You can find this every where too and it’s affordable so go and try it!

best dry shampoo


If your hair gets oil or if you are like me and always running your fingers through your hair you need to get a dry shampoo to have your style last longer.  I just tried Klorane’s Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk it adds volume and texture to your hair without stripping oils from it. The oat milk in this helps protect and soothe your scalp.  It is also free of parabens, sulfates, colorants and sodium chloride.  It does have a VERY strong spray so use it sparingly.  One little spray to your roots is enough, unless you are braiding your hair and want to add some texture for a big thick braid. It’s really gentle on your hair and doesn’t leave a white residue, Klorane also makes it in a small purse size so you can touch up after the gym or if you needed it throughout the day.

Buy it here, Klorane.