The Expert: Anjanette Sinesio


Have you ever wanted to learn more about crystals? What they are for, how to use them, or why they work.  Today, Anjanette Sinesio who is the founder of Gem Water, her company has VitaJuwel water bottles, which are carefully crafted and contain 17 selected gemstones based on every mood.  If you need balance there is one for that or if you want love or inspiration your water can help you set your intentions. Anjaette has been an executive in the jewelry industry for over 20 years and created her own luxury brand company where she distributes jewelry, home décor, and spirits. Gem-Water’s line also has beautiful gemstone vials which you can put into wine or water, droplets so you can take crystals with you on the go and so much more. I really want them all! Today Anjanette shares some basic crystal information with and how easy it is to incorporate crystals into our everyday life.

What are crystals for?
What aren’t crystals for…lol! There are so many beautiful uses for crystals. To adorn yourself on the outside as jewelry and talismans. And of course as I like to say, to adorn yourself on the inside, with gem-water!! Crystals have been used for millennia in healing practices by naturopaths. They can be used in your bath, around you home as décor. And on the complete every day things people don’t even realize, like that little cell phone that has an LCD screen (liquid CRYSTAL display ) and in Quartz Watches, microchips, it’s really endless.

If you were to recommend one crystal some should own what would it be and why?
If I could only choose one I’d say Rose Quartz. It’s the stone of Love, and to me that is the one thing every person on this earth desires.

How do you use crystals?
I wear them on my body, I of course drink their energy in with our gem-water bottles. I have them all over my house, I carry them with me in my bag every day. I use a kyanite stick in the evenings as part of my beauty routine. I spray them on me with infusions that were made with crystals.

Why do crystals work?
They each give off their own unique form of subtle energy that vibrates at a certain frequency. These vibrations are said to strengthen our energy inside our bodies at a very “subtle”, yet profound level. So if one wants to attract love, fore example, you would want to carry or wear a rose quartz with clear quartz. As I shared earlier Rose Quartz is known as the stone of love and clear quartz is the “amplifier” stone, so it will really intensify that vibration.

Will there be different crystals that are better for people than others?
Yes, absolutely. I suggest that people can visit a naturopath and crystal healer who has deep knowledge and intuition on stones that one might need. I also tell people to trust what they feel at times. They make feel particularly drawn to a stone and I feel like that stone would probably have a healing property or something they might need at that time. There are great books I recommend for people to read by the author Melody, and others by Michael Geinger about healing crystals and all that stones can do.

How do you choose a crystal?
I personally use my intuition. I feel it’s actually a give and take — I choose the stone and the stone chooses me. You just feel this certainty. And I also have found that my more intuitive friends choose stones as gifts for me knowing what I need in my life. Funny story to share, it was literally one day apart that I was given a tumbled Citirne and a rough Citrine from two of my girl friends. To me that doesn’t happen for no reason. The universe is sharing it’s gifts through my friends, and it was so clear to me that Citrine had to be with me at all times . Know as the stone of abundance and personal power it couldn’t have been a more timely gift from the two of them!!

What gem/crystal do not leave home without?
As I mentioned just before, right now I have Citrine with me always. I also have amethyst, rose quartz and clear quartz in my bag with me at all times! This will change of course, but that’s what I like with me at the moment. Oh, and I never leave home without my favorite gem – my rough diamond engagement ring that is always on my finger!

How do you find inspiration?
In so many things. Spending quality time with my family and friends is so inspiring to me. Talking with my nieces and hearing about their lives brings me so much joy. One of my prior businesses was actually named after both of them!. I’m inspired by nature and of course the gems that are given to us from nature. At my previous company Diamond in the Rough that I launched an co-owned and served as the President and Creative Director of I focused solely on making jewelry using rough diamonds. Each rough diamond inspired the piece of jewelry we made

Always in your fridge?
This is a terrible question for me because I tend to eat out a lot. With it being just me and my hubby we don’t have a “stocked family fridge”. But I would say a staple in my fridge for sure are free range eggs and Ezekiel english muffins!

Tip for our readers:
Just to simple things to add crystals into your life, and surround yourself with their beautiful energy!!! And the best tip of all is to share your unique self and love with the world – love yourself, love others, spread as much love as you possibly can.


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