Sheet Masks That You Need Right Now

best sheet masks



I love using sheet masks they are one of my favorite ways to relax.  I think they are a great way to get in a quick spa like treatment for your skin and there are so many types that can help all of your skin needs.  You can also use sheet masks several times a week, unlike mud masks or clay masks that you should use once or twice a week.  I also love sheet masks because they are very easy to use and carry.  With all of them you will get glowing and hydrated skin which you probably need during the winter months.  Make sure when you are using a sheet mask you wash your face first before applying the mask and then when you are ready you can pat in all the extra serum.  If there is extra serum in my bag I usually apply the rest of that on my hands and neck.


Here are some of the ones that I have been using and love.  I’ll tell you why I love each one because they are all so different form each other.


gold sheet mask

I am a huge fan of 111 Skin, I have tried a cream from them a long time ago and loved it so much.  Their Rose Gold Brightening Facial Treatment Mask is incredible. The mask contains 24k gold, antioxidant-rich extract of rosa damascus, and hydrogel to brighten, repair, and hydrate the complexion. This will brighten, repair, and hydrate sallow winter skin and nourish your complexion.  This mask can be used on all skin types.

You can find it here, 111 Skin.


acne sheet mask

Talika makes amazing sheet masks, sometimes when I apply a sheet mask I leave it longer than what the package says because I don’t see results right away.  With Talika’s masks you see results.  This Bio Enzymes Purifying Mask is great if you have acne or get redness to your skin.  There aren’t that many masks that are made for oily skin that work really well.  It will also help fade acne scars.  You can use this on the most sensitive skin and leave it on for just 15-30 minutes.

Get it here, Talika.




avene sheet mask


Avene creates amazing products for sensitive skin. This Soothing Sheet Mask is gentle and very effective.  It will hydrate your skin and calm it.  Your skin will feel soft and look radiant.  It contains Avene’s Thermal Spring Water that soothes your skin.  The mask is made out of micro fabric so it won’t slide off and it will stay on easily.  It’s a great mask to use on the plane or when your skin needs little more love.

Get it here, Avene.


botanic farm cherry blossom sheet mask


I have never tried a cherry blossom product before so I was intrigued. Botanic Farm’s Natural Energy Cherry Blossom Sheet Mask lured me in because I was attracted to the natural energy part of this mask. It has 3 layers of natural cellulose to help hydrate your skin.  This mask will also help restore elasticity in your skin.  The directions are in Korean but sheet masks are pretty much no brainers so you don’t really need to read how to apply it.  I left it on for 20 minutes and thought that my skin felt hydrated and I felt relaxed when it was because the fragrance is very soothing.

Buy it here, Botanic Farm.


innisfree rose mask


InnisFree It’s A Real Squeeze Rose Sheet Mask is really great because it’s really reasonable so you could buy every single one that they have and have sheet masks for days.  This rose mask leaves your skin feeling hydrated, and supple.  It has a very light fragrance and will improve your moisture level in your skin.  This is great for very dry skin and dehydrated skin.

Find it here, innisfree.



peace out acne patches

I am adding Peace Out Acne Patches into this list.  Even though they are not masks they kinda are but just very small ones for blemishes.  They are little stickers for your acne and they are kinda invisible so I wore mine out.  But you can sleep with them over night and your pimples will be smaller and in my case it was gone.  These are really great.

Find them here, Peace Out Acne.