Stocking Stuffers

stocking stuffers



Finding stocking stuffers that people will love can be difficult.  I love filling stockings with things people will love and sometimes won’t buy for themselves.  I would love to have my stocking filled with these amazing gifts.  Maybe you will want some fo these too so send this to someone who might be filling your stocking with some treats.


Give the gift of beautiful skin these two products will change your skin.  These two products I can’t live without and wish I had a lifetime supply of.  PCA Skin Intensive Brightening Treatment is amazing.  I have been using it almost every night since I have gotten it.  I noticed an overall brightening to my skin and more radiance to my face. Order it here, PCA Skin.

This next skincare product works in just 10 days.  I got a bottle and my mom saw how amazing the results were and kept mine. Algenist Liquid Collagen is a vegan collagen that will help fight dark spots, sun spots and hyperpigmentation.  It will help bring back elasticity to your skin.  Look younger now, Algenist.

Le Mini Macaron Gel Nails is so cool.  You can now do gel nails at home.  It comes with a little light and polish remover.  I have been using Pinot Noir which is a dark wine color that has some glitter in it.  It is so perfect for the holiday’s.  I love how dimensional the polish is and how easy it is to use and remove.  Find it here, Le Mini Macaron.

I love changing my cell phone case and now you can change them easily with these premium cases from Milkyway.  The best thing about these cases is that you can change the plates to different ones.  You can buy several and match your phone to your outfit.  Right now I am obsessed with my Eyeballs one but I went on their site and saw some new plates that I want! Get them here, Milkway IPhone Case.

Everyone loves candles and this one will make your heart warm when you smell it. This candle is exclusive to Space NK, it’s their Shimmering Spice Candle.  It smells exactly how the holidays smell, warm and cheery.  When you burn this in your home it will feel warm and cozy and it makes the perfect stocking stuffer because it’s small.  Buy it here, Space NK.

Looking for a lipstick for the holidays?  You found it! Lipstick Queen’s Famous Last Words in Cheers is a metallic berry. The color is so pretty and flattering on every skin tone. The color really will brighten up your face, and make you feel festive.  The metallic is so pretty, it is very pigmented and is so light weight on.  It is a liquid lipstick that dries really quickly and is long wear. So when you give that kiss under the mistletoe it won’t budge. Find it here, Lipstick Queen.

Everyone loves a silk scarf and they go with any outfit.  I am completely obsessed with the scarves from Centinelle.  They are fun and colorful.  I have been wearing my Black Cat Origami one everyday.  It is a large silk scarf, so it can be worn in many ways.  The design is so cute, this is a great gift for anyone special person in your life. It’s a must have, get it before it sells out, Centinelle.

Do you love fashion icon Coco Chanel? You can feel like her with this fragrance, Krigler Pleasure Gardenia 79.  It use to be her signature scent before creating her own.  The fragrance is so universal that anyone will love it. The Gardenia comes from Kyoto and it has hints of vanilla and musk.  It is so feminine and elegant.  The scent is so sexy that you will have everyone leaning into you to try to get a whiff of it. Buy it here, Krigler.

Sheet masks are always great.  Especially ones that lift and firm.  Lift Lab Skin Care has this amazing one which is their Face + Eye Mask.  This mask is like an at home spa treatment, it will help hydrate your skin, smooth your skin texture and help keep it firm.  Get it here, Lift Lab Skin Care.

The packing of this foundation is beautiful.  It will definitely bring a smile to whoever you give it to.  It comes in a diamond shape glass jar.  The Three Carat Diamond Set comes with one foundation and two diamond shaped sponges. The foundation is light weight and gives a velvet finish. Find it here, Sahi Cosmetics.