New Year, New You

new year weight loss

Now that it is officially 2018 the number one new year resolution is to lose weight.  Especially, after not watching your diet during the holidays.  Bikini bodies start in the winter. Today is the first day of the year and if you can stick to your resolutions until the end of February, you will stick with them throughout the year.  It takes about 21-31 days to make something a habit. Stick to it and it will just become part of your lifestyle.   If you don’t have weight loss on your resolution list I think overall mindfulness and living a cleaner and healthier lifestyle should be on everyone’s list.  Here are five products that I am incorporating in my life to get me started on my cleaner and healthier lifestyle and to motivate me for my fitness journey.  This is our year to sparkle because it’s a new year and new beginnings.



To help me lost my holiday weight I started using MacroLife, Macro Meal.  I have the two on the right and I have a slight allergy to whey but these don’t make my mouth itch at all.  I really want to try the vegan protein ones. I love that these taste amazing and they are so easy to use.  You can mix them with water, or make them into a shake.  I mixed mine with flax seed milk and you can also scoop in your favorite supplements to it too or mix it with milk. I love that these have time released protein and I don’t have spikes in hunger.  Not only do they have protein this powder also contains super fruits, and veggies.  Macro Meal also contains coconut oil powder, it’s gluten free, free of gmo’s, hormone free and has 3 billion probiotics.

Find it here, MacroLife Naturals.



hum gut instinct


A healthy gut is really important for weight loss, for overall health and nutrition.  I just started using Hum Nutrition’s Gut Instinct. Having a healthy gut helps not only your digestive track but improves your immune system, and skin health.  If you have acne, it can be because of your diet and if you have issues with digestion.  When you have a healthy guy it will also increase your energy so that’s a plus if you are kick starting your workouts.  Gut instinct will also help with bloating so if you always feel bloated it will go away after taking these. You can combine this supplement with other ones too so don’t worry.  There are a few others that I need to try from Hum Nutrition, especially Skinny Bird!

You can buy it here, Hum Nutrition.



care of vitamins


I am obsessed with supplements, and vitamins. I love Care Of Vitamins because they are custom packs for you to take everyday.  You take a little quiz on the site and they curate a pack for you.  I love how they have my name on them, I love everything monogrammed so this is kind of the same.  On every pack they have a little quote or challenge for you to do, everyday is different.  You can also create a pack yourself you don’t have to take the recommendation that they give you so if they haven’t added fish oil to your pack you can add it or you can take out ones that they have recommended based on the quiz you take.  They also have a prenatal pack if that’s what you are looking for. These are a must have for everyone!

Take the quiz here, Care Of Vitamins.


vital proteins collagen


Taking collagen benefits you in so many ways other than just collagen for your skin.  Collagen helps with your bones, hair, ligaments, cartilage, nails and joints. I was first introduced to Vital Proteins by renowned makeup artist Bobbi Brown. She lives a really healthy and clean lifestyle.  I tried Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides, they are sourced from grass-fed, pasture raised bovine hides. I have these individual packs that are great to take with you on the go. You take them one or two times a day. These digest into your body quickly and is absorbed fast.  These are so easy to use you can mix them in any liquid basically (water, juice, soup, sauce), hot or cold including your coffee.  They have creamers, which I need to try and their matcha!  It’s on my list of things I want.  The other way you can use these is in your smoothies (so you can mix them with your Macro Meal) and you can also add these into baked goods. These are gluten free, paleo friendly, dairy free and flavorless.


Find them here, Vital Proteins.

neocell hair volumizer

I know this one isn’t for weight loss or for a health.  It is for the health of your hair though.  If you want stronger, thicker, shiny hair, then NeoCell Keratin Hair Volumizer is a must. What to expect from this, you will see less hair loss, more shine to your locks, and more volume.  We all need that! You just take two pills a day and you’ll see results pretty soon. Your hair is going to look healthier and grow faster with the Keratin Hair Volumizer.  Also, your nails will become stronger as well.

Get them here, NeoCell Keratin Hair Volumizer.