MicroDropletLift with Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir

microdroplet lift


Now a days when you talk about getting Botox it’s like milk at the store.  It’s so common that everyone has done it. I had never done it and always have wanted to try it.  The only reason I never wanted to do it is I never wanted to have that puffy, totally frozen Botox face that I see so many of my friends have.  I never know if someone is excited or sad because their expression is always the same, frozen.

I found out that celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir who is located in Beverly Hills created a new technique called the Microdroplet Lift. It is a new Botox treatment that creates an eye lift, relaxes and reduces the appearance of wrinkles while still having facial movement.  So you are never going to look frozen. You have total movement of your forehead so that you still have expressions when you talk but your skin does not wrinkle. You will look like a more refreshed natural version of you.  If you are one of those people who don’t want anyone to know that you are doing botox then you need to come to Dr. Steinsapir because he keeps you looking natural but makes you look more rejuvenated.

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When I went in to the office I was a little nervous because it is a lot more injections than regular botox.  My friends had told me that regular botox is just a few injections. The Microdroplet Lift is  about 60-100 little tiny injections depending on how many areas you are doing it in.  I just did my brow and in between my eyes. My biggest concern is in between my eyebrows because I squint a lot from not wearing my eye glasses and I also always forget to wear sunglasses.  I had a huge line between my eyes and I was hoping it would soften after doing the treatment.

After talking with Dr. Steinsapir I was really excited to get it the treatment done.  He is an expert in eyelid surgery and specializes in fixing botched eye lid surgeries. Dr. Steinsapir is wonderful, he makes you feel totally at ease, walks you through the entire procedure and really makes you feel confident and comfortable.  He explained to me that the way the Microdroplet Lift works is it treats the muscles that pull the eye brows down and lifts it so that it opens my eye more and makes my face look more relaxed and youthful.

Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir

The first thing we did was put numbing cream on my brows and eye lid area. We then To my surprise, I didn’t feel any of the injections and there was zero pain. I also didn’t have any bruising at all.  I love how I look softer, my eyes look bigger, you can see my eye brows are raised slightly.  Making my face look slightly slimmer, and giving more definition on my cheeks so that they look like they are higher.  I have total movement of my face but when I try to squint my skin does not wrinkle. My face looks more youthful and I look well rested.  If you want to do something to refresh your look, you need to get the Microdroplet lift.  No one will notice what you did but everyone will notice that you look better.

The Microdroplet Lift lasts four to six months. To read more about it on his website or to book an appointment go to, DrLidLift.com.

Dr. Kenneth Steinsapir is located at 9001 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 305, Beverly Hills, CA 90211