Glen Ivy Hot Springs and Day Spa

glen ivy hot springs


Living LA it’s so easy to get caught up with the day to day of very busy lifestyle.  There is always something happening in the city to do.  It’s so rare that I get to escape and take an entire day for myself and just relax.  I went with a friend to Glen Ivy Hot Springs which is located in Corona.  It is about an hour and half away from LA. It’s a day spa that has sulfur springs, red clay treatments, classes and you can get so many spa services such as massages, facials, pedicures and more. It’s a really great way to spend a day and really relax.

glen ivy spa corona

We got there at 12 and went to get changed into our swimsuits before starting our day.  Some tips, bring a swim suit that is dark or one that is older and you don’t care because if you are doing the red clay it can stain your suit.  I recommend you also bringing a robe, some flip flops and sunscreen. We started out with lunch at their restaurant. They have healthy choices and they also have  some non healthy choices like nachos which are so big that we shared them and couldn’t even finish them!  After that we headed over to Club Mud which is their mud bath area.

glen ivy hot springs


This photo is a little deceiving because the water does turn the color of the clay that is in the middle of the pool. The pool is a really comfortable temperature the day we went it was a little chilly and the water was nice to get into.  The red clay they have at Glen Ivy is great you can put it all over your body and face. Another tip is to apply a thin layer of red clay you don’t need to have a really thick layer on because it is very hard to remove in the showers. Some benefits of red clay are that it helps with smoothing skin texture, improves skin firmness, elasticity, it will exfoliate your skin and pull toxins from your skin. You may see people put this in their hair, I wouldn’t recommend this for several reasons because clay does dry out your skin so unless you have something like apple cider vinegar to rinse it out then it will feel pretty dry after.


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Also, it is really hard to wash out. While you are at Club Mud, you can either lay out and have the mud dry in the sun or you can enter the Wafa which is a warm room that will speed up the drying time of the mud.  If it is a chilly day outside this room feels great!  After the mud dries you just rinse it off and can go into another pool or do a service.  We chose to go sit in their new lounge that has only been built for a couple of months.  It’s really fun and you can get a wine based cocktail or a glass of wine there. It’s a great place to sit if you want to get out of the sun for a little while.


glen Ivy Hot springs


After our time in the lounge we headed into the sulfur springs.  Even though they have a scent to them I love them.  They are warm and relaxing.  Sulfur springs has so many different benefits and you just need to soak for 15 minutes to get these benefits. Some of them include,  blood flow, circulation, increased metabolism, and absorption of essential minerals, helps with muscles aches and pains and it can also help with stress. It’s so nice to relax her on a cool day. If you go Glen Ivy this is a must.


quartz massage


Right after the sulfur springs I went into my quartz massage.  I had no idea what that was, I thought either they would put quartz crystals on my back or that I would be lying on top of a large slab or quartz. When I entered the room I had no idea that it would be quartz sand.  There is a sheet on top of it and you lay down like you normally would with any massage and you wiggle in like you would if you were laying on the beach.  This is the most unique massage I have ever received.  The be also tilts up and down so that the masseuse can easily reach you and it also has massaging rollers in the table that turn on so when you are on your back you are getting a massage on your back while the masseuse is working on your legs and arms.  There are only three quartz tables in the US and all three happen to be in California.  The other two are up north.  So if you want to try this, it’s the only place in Southern California that you can get it. This massage table is new to Glen Ivy.  I love the quartz table. It is based on the Ancient Greek concept of psammotherapy, the warm quartz sand ergonomically positions the body, offering extreme relaxing effects to the body and soul. The deep, dry heat of quartz sand will aid in reaching maximum relaxation while alleviating muscle and joint pain.  This massage is a must and if you go ask for Belle she was amazing!

glen ivy hot springs


Right after the massage Bridget and I headed into our Cappuccino Float Pedicures. I love doing pedicures more than manicures and loved these.  Crystal did my pedicure and she was amazing.  She scrubbed my feet with this coffee scrub that smelled amazing.  You have to do it if you go to Glen Ivy.  My feet felt baby soft and it was a perfect way to end the day.  If you do get a pedicure schedule at the end of the day so you don’t mess it up.


The only thing that I really wanted to try and didn’t get to was the Grotto.  It is an underground cave that has hydrating services.  From what everyone at the spa told me it sounds amazing.  I would love to return to try out the Grotto and do another quartz massage because I was asking a lot of questions during my massage.


I would recommend you get there at 10 am if you want to experience everything so that you don’t feel rushed. If not you can get a day pass and enjoy the grounds, mud and pools.  It’s not a far drive and it’s worth spending a day there with friends or if you just need an escape.

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